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6 December 2005

Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow, everybody needs a bosom, mine's on the 45

> It's been quite the hectic weekend for me. Saturday I spent watching a play at the BCL Closer, which was remarkably well done, especially since it was the director's debut venture and all. The director himself was pretty cute, though rumour has it, not so much inclined towards my sex. Oh well.

From the BCL we went to Turquoise Cottage, Gurgaon, where Indian Ocean was playing and we had free alcohol the entire evening. Well, 450 a head for unlimited booze and food, so pretty free. Highlights include the adorable three-week old Lab puppy someone brought (WHY would someone bring a DOG to an alcohol filled environment?). But the puppy was outside, and we hung with the lead singer of Indian Ocean and played with him. He was very black and called Ebony and despite us getting him some water, made a beeline for our vodka every time we left it on the floor. Much time was spent lifting our glaases out of the way of the dipsomaniac puppy. In time, his rightful owners appeared (the guy who brought him was dogsitting and made it a point to mention he was happily married. I was thinking secretly, please, like I would ever hit on you, buddy. Some men, I tell you). The second highlight was, of course, Kandisa, which they played at the very end, and everyone raised their glasses in the air and yelled, "Alam, alam, alam!"

> By the way, please stop correcting my spelling. I may be in a hurry, I may not have time to check how KERALA is spelt, for fucks sake. It's getting a little annoying, because while I value your feedback, I'd rather you spent more time with the content than the form.

> Did a polo match with Small on Sunday and it brought back many happy riding memories. I used to ride, once upon a time in boarding, and good fun it was too. It was also the fattest I've been ever at any point in my life, which is wierd because that was also the only time in my life I got exercise. As soon as I got back to Delhi and stopped exercising, I became the lean, mean unfit machine I am today. Ergo, exercise is bad. And it took about a year for my biceps and forearms to look proportional to the rest of my body. But the polo match and feeling all propah and hat-wearing and Gayatri Devi-shoulder rubbing was good fun. I was doing a complete Brit accent in my head and the whole Eliza Dolittle scene at the races came vividly back to me. What was her boyfriend's name in that movie anyway?

> Also Sunday was the day of the Delhi Blogger's Meet, which I attended and which was most fun. Aanchal has the deets on who attended here and my cyber/real life flirtations can be evidenced here. I do so love the internet, even though in some ways I'm sure it makes me look fat. :)


  1. I'm still not able to find the connection between the title of the blog and the blog ... any help would be most appreciated

  2. that would be professor higgins.

  3. That was one lovely song (I mean the post title). Brings back fond memories. Corner Shop, Brimful of Asha?

  4. okay so we all read and love yr blog. but don't be so sensitive--makes you sound complex-ridden (which u may well be, who knows). yr spelling does suck, as does yr punctuation (apostrophes are non-existent but it's too late to learn). it's 'weird' not 'wierd' 'for fuck's sake', and it's not about being in a hurry and not having the time. methinks it's about being ignorant. but it doesn't matter. not that much. you see, the fact that we read and love yr blog proves that we're not THAT hung up about form. yr content rules.
    and yes, ttg, that passage: 'But the puppy was outside, and we hung with the lead singer of Indian Ocean and played with him. He was very black and called Ebony and despite us getting him some water, made a beeline for our vodka every time we left it on the floor.' was quite hilarious! mobius, here's an apt title for you: Indian Ocean has new (and very black) lead singer.

  5. Freddie Eynsford-Hill, played by Jeremy Brett, later a pretty good Sherlock Holmes

  6. So how does it feel...Not being anonymous anymore... atleast to some people... Now that the face would appear before the webpage loads completely?

  7. cornershop, brimful of asha.

    really eM, make it a challenge!

  8. i've got to agree with Vulturo-brilliant song. whatever happened to that band after that first album, anyway??i really can't seem to figure out your taste in music though..Brimful of Asha, Third eye Blind and Indian Ocean??i'll bet you also liked the soundtracks of Mary Poppins and XXX!!!

  9. Came in too late and was sitting too far to have returned your hi from across the table.

    After much apparent research into the 'sparks' that were supposedly underway in that meet (gosh, i have been strangely illiterate in the bylanes of the blogosphere!), I venture that you did have a nice time after all.

    An apology nevertheless :)

  10. Man, you sound so familiar. reading your blog makes me feel so nostalgic........& i honestly dont know why ppl are so keen to point out spelling mistakes & now apostrophes also.

    m glad that TC gurgaon is rocking these days, used to be like a dining room for my gang.

  11. just to let you know you were the first hit on google when I fired in "Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow, everybody needs a bosom, mine's on the 45"
    Which is pretty neat.


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