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27 March 2014

North East Couple Beaten Up For Violating "Curfew"

And this in their own rented house. Really what is this city coming to?
Image via Toothpaste For Dinner

 The couple was beaten up allegedly by their landlord's son and some goons in Munirka on Tuesday for trying to step out of their rented house at 9.30pm. The landlord, who likes to lock the main gate of the house early, was reportedly angry with the couple from Manipur when they asked for the keys. He allegedly called in youths from the neighbourhood to intimidate the victims.

Meanwhile, in my own lovely home, the fight with the neighbours over --what else?--parking space goes on and on. Luckily, the whole building hates on this one set of neighbours, so it is our collective delight to thwart their evil plans.

But I remember house hunting in the beginning and landlords feeling it was their complete right to tell me what time to come home and who I could entertain. Bitch, please. If I wanted to listen to rules, I would've stayed home with my parents. You can read more about my own woes in this old Sunday Guardian article.

The most heartbreaking bit about this story?

The couple is planning to leave Delhi soon.

From here.

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  1. I'm just wondering, were you not allotted a parking space when you rented your house? And if so, then why are you being harassed? Can you not get the cops or the RWA to help you?


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