19 July 2022

What I'm Reading

Despite the fact that I was reading this book for the second time, I stayed up till 2 am finishing it anyway. The ending is kick you in the guts sad even though the mystery is solved. All of it focuses on the avoidable, how you could've made one choice to continue living your happy life and instead you chose another. So simple in the moment, so hard to look at after. From all this you'll father it's not so much a murder mystery (which it is) but more a book about circumstance. Tana French's books always feel like they've been more revealed to me on a second read, I wouldn't have recommended my now favourite of the Dublin Murder Squad books to you before I'd reread it (Broken Harbor) and I wouldn't have thought that The Wych Elm would become a favourite, since I didn't really get into what she was doing the first time I read it. And now? You have to read it but not for big crime, for quiet sadness. #bookstagram #mrmbookclub #100in2022 #thewychelm #tanafrench

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