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19 August 2004

A Parentheses Post

I had a good day yesterday. It's actually beginning to get better. I'm kind of getting used to the fact that he's not going to call, that he's really not in love with me anymore, that he wants out.
So asides from crooning you and me, we used to be together, everyday together, alwaaaaays (From Don't Speak by No Doubt), I'm really okay.
So yesterday I went to review a restaurant in the Taj Palace called Kafe Fontana. (Rant Alert: what's with this whole alternative spelling thing? Why not just say 'Cafe' or 'Night' instead of 'nite' or 'guys' instead of 'guyz'? It's an insult to the English language! Especially all those blogs you come across wRiTteN LiKe tHiS.... there should be a program that rejects bad spelling and hard-to-read posts! Ok, done ranting). The restaurant was having an Olympic food festival--- not not hors de ouvres in the shape of little medals, but Lebanese and Med food, really rather nice.
Then in the middle of the meal, N. calls me up. You remember N., the long-lost friend who was debating whether to call or not call? So, I broke the news about K. and me and she said she'd come over later. (Incredible. All week people call me and say 'Hi, how are you' in hushed muted tones. And then I say hushedly and mutedly 'I've been better'. It would be funny if I were someone else!)
I got home after being in a massive jam and proceeded to clean up (read: threw a pile of laundry under a damp towel and put on the muted lights so the dust didn't show). And then yay, N. came over and Dee came home and we ordered a large pizza (pepperoni, but of course). I was a little worried about Dee and N. getting along, they are totally opposite people, but pretty soon they started talking about their jobs in the television industry and I had nothing to do but pick at my cuticles. Humph.
A little problem arose though. Ginny is having a party and she called me and said, "Uh, is it okay if I invite K.?" and I said "Sure, it's okay. Don't worry about me.. etc etc". Bad move. Now I'm obsessing. I'm also invited to N.'s sister's birthday party. Good, one more weekend with distractions. As-long-as-I-keep-busy is the mantra here.
Ooh, this is a scattered post. As you can see, my thoughts are everywhere. I'll try to focus more next time.
And since it's been a while since I recommended a link check out the blog of a London call girl.

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