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3 February 2006

Hey, Matilda, Matilda, take me money and run Venezuela

Several things, that don't merit whole posts, but just little *did you knows*.

Zerefore, I vill begin.

I have never bought perfume for myself. Ever. They've always been presents, usually from people visiting from abroad, but when I was seventeen, my first boyfriend was also very loaded and he bought me Bvlgari. On Valentine's Day :) I bought him a sweatshirt, which he quite liked actually. Anyhoo, the reason I'm going into this is because my aunt was visiting recently and she asked me whether I wanted any clothes, and I said no, but I did want perfume, and so she gave me the money and I went to Shopper's Stop and bought the one perfume I have lusted after all my life, even buying a fake version at Palika Bazaar--Davidoff's Cool Water for women. Mmmmm. I love it. It smells all sexy, as opposed to the usual floral scents I go for, and it makes me feel all straight-haired and small-nosed and HOT.

Guess what else I have? Guess? This fabulous machine, which I love and want to have babies with and live in fear that it will leave me. The screen goes round and round! And it has a cool pen thingummy which activates a touch keyboard! And it has wi-fi! And a DVD writer! I've never owned a laptop before, my cousin gave my mom a hand-me-down one, which I took when I moved, but it just kept giving up every now and then and it was HEAVY. This is light and shiny and it's MINE. I'm thinking of calling it something, like a single-syllabled name. Like Xi. Or, ooh, Mo. My Mo, my mo, my mo, my mo.

I'm soooooooo tired, thanks to running around for the past week and to top it all off, went for the opening of a new nightclub last night. Ssteel at the Ashok is now opening as SoHo, and it's quite nice. I, of course, got very very very plastered, but hello, they kept putting fresh fruit martinis in my hands and there was nothing else I could do, right? Small and I were sitting by the bar, flirting with several people, at least, I was. After a point, she was a blurry thing in the background to me and, as a result, is mighty annoyed with me this morning. I found friend's brother, who was also very hot, and draped myself around him all evening, even bumping and grinding to (good heavens! It's all coming back to me now!) Right Here, Right Now. Also met someone who I made out with once upon a time, and had a fairly strange conversation with him, which sadly now, I do not remember, and it is bothering the fuck out of me. And at some point a girl squealingly threw her arms around my neck and told me we went gambling together in Hyderabad when we were 10 years old and I would have embraced anyone at this point so I said, "Okay!" happily, and introduced her to Small as my childhood friend. Then met another delectable boy who was in love with Leela at one point and dated Priya as well and so sadly could not hit on him, but I batted my eyelashes longingly nevertheless.

Oh and chatted up random boy at bar who said, "Wow, your job reminds me of that movie, Page 3."

"And that's the first time I've heard that line," I said.

The sarcasm, however, was lost on him and he went on to explain how the movie was so "deep" and he kept thinking about it and revisiting it, because it had so many meanings.

Alcohol should not be served in public places. :)

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention. This week the stats counter reads 100599 and I have finally reached my one lakh goal! I love you all, thank you for reading me. *big, sloppy, hungover kiss*


  1. I've been browsing Indian blogs and I find some of you girls have enormous fan followings. You write well about an interesting life (I suppose it's all real?), but some women who don't write well also have a lot of readers. Equality of the sexes my ass!

    You have a tablet PC? Journalism must be better paid than I'd thought.

    Davidoff Cool Water is good, but have you tried Marks & Spencer's Grey Flannel? I once kept putting off breaking up with a girl because she used that.

  2. Are u sure u rnt a nerdy Com Sci grad who fiddles with the linux kernel for fun? I've never known anybody except my really ubergeeky friends go drool over something like a new laptop. Even if it isn't "just another laptop" ;-)

    And don't remind me that people should stop stereotyping. I see it has its use just like jargon. You say DCF or something else that sounds sexy in finance and people instantly know what u mean - so u say nerdy Com Sci grad and there we get a good picture of u fiddling with ur new tablet PC and scarcely touching it because u don't want to sully the keyboard! And u just wanna stare at it all day long saying "It is mine!!!mine! ALL MINE" ;-) Nah - the only thing i'd go that ape over is a Porsche 911

  3. Your life reminds me of myself just a few years ago, when the whole page 3 thing was unfolding and Among the Chatterati was being lived and written at the same time. I wonder if girls go crazy after South Delhi women's colleges, journalism jobs in feature sections and Delhi's mad party circuit... or if it's a joyous ride until 25 and then you move on to the more "serious" things! I've changed boyfriends, jobs and countries since that time, but reading your entries chokes me with nostalgia. And yes, why is TC so much fun? Have you tried their lotus stem honey chilli? Or is it off the menu now?
    Enjoy the party, girl!

  4. yr first boyfriend gave you BVLGARI?? you lucky thing!
    and if you like Cool Water, try CK One (if you haven't already).
    nice post.

  5. next perfume you buy: CK Truth. this generally has the effect of making you feel taller and slimmer ;)

  6. Hey you're extensively quoted in the interview with Rahul Bose in this month's First City

  7. That's a nice tablet PC you got.. but i like my .9 kg silver aish better..thats what i call mine, not a tablet though.

  8. hey there is this chappie who blogs doubts thy sexuality sorry sex .congrats for reaching a hundred thousand. me no im a believer in thy confessional.yeah cool waters very alluring.and so r u . though id conjure of drinking magaritas wid senoritas like u .mojitos in tc is pretty cool .

  9. Congrats on making your goal!

    I have bought perfume on two occasions in my life - the first one was when I lived in London and was working as a sales temp. I purchased a perfume that I'd been hawking all day called Roma. It smells like Earl Grey tea and grapefruit. I don't wear it anymore, but the bottle, which looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa is still nice.

    The other time I purchased perfume was after I had a makeover at a Chanel counter and learned I needed to purchase $50 worth of merchandise for the makeover to remain "free". I bought Coco by Chanel, which remains my signature scent to this day. It reminds me of leather and chocolate.

  10. Congrats on passing the one lakh milestone. I believe many of those hits were from my mouse.

  11. compulsive, for all your intelligence, you have terrible taste in technology. i now have a reason to get over you.

  12. arthur: All real, yes. And I suppose women bloggers in India are just more read because there's a higher novelty factor there? And tablet PC was a gift from my mom! :)

    ubergeeky: I actually DO get damn excited about gadgets! But, no, not Comp. Sci graduate. Try Lit. instead :)

    thing: Cool! You now remind me of my laptop! :)

    anon (kanika?): I don't know about other people, but I find rapidly now, as I enter month after month of being 24, this desire to slow down a little, to have a little shanti in my life, you know?
    Lotus stem honey chilli I have not tried, but then, dude, who EATS at TC? :)

    anon2: CK One I HAVE tried, but it's a little too heavy for me, sadly. I like light, skippy fragrances.

    methinks: Now a perfume that makes you feel taller? This I must check out.

    primalsoup: Thank you, thank you! :)

    raghu: I know! I saw! I feel very cool and ooh, if Rahul Bose picks up the First City and sees his interview and sees my quote and OH MY GOD, Rahul Bose might be reading this blog RIGHT NOW. Quick, lemme do something sexy. *faints with performance anxiety*

    anthony: Ah, but does yours have a name?

    anon3: Heh, someone thinks I'm a boy? Nice. :) Wait, does he also think I'm a HOT boy? If I have to be a male, I'd rather be a very well-endowed, very hot, very sultry sexy type. (I think I just fell in love with me)

    amandarama: I was given TWO bottles of Chanel No. 5 at the recent launch of Chanel here in Delhi. Sadly, I didn't like the smell at all--too old for me and much too heavy. Coco sounds good though, I wish they had given us that!

    media: Why thank you :)

    ineffably: No, no, don't say that! My laptop's really very cool, and it's so SMALL and I love it and you just burst my bubble. *lip trembles*

  13. hi eM
    you have been tagged
    please check my space for details
    and please do the tag. pretty please

  14. Cool water? Hmmm I have bad associations with that but don't know whether it's just some hangover from school-cool or summat. Just to be dull - I like DKNY be delicious (in spite of the spew-worthy cheesiness that is the advert for it) and JPG Fragile for when I'm feeling all saucy. I have shit clothes, crap knickers and bras that are due retirement but perfume comes first oh yes.... Am off to sniff said davidoff out of curiosity....Hmmmm

  15. Compulsive: Awww. Here's a primer in good-taste-in-technology 101:

  16. No, not Kanika. No way. And food is a palate buffer between rounds of alcohol, therefore the lotus stem honey chilli :)

  17. And here I was thinking I'm the only one who names computers. I even had a scheme: all my desktops had guys names, my laptops had girl's names. I kicked the habit, though, so neither my desktop (machine name: beast) nor my laptop (no name, it runs winblowz) have any "affectionate" names that I can scream at them if they don't work :)


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