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24 May 2006

How eM got her groove back

It's Wednesday, and almost a week since I returned from Egypt. Sigh. Holidays are so short, forgetting is so long.

But, in this one week, I must admit, several things have been happening with me. First of all, fabulous news, we have an addition to our family. No, Small and I haven't adopted the cat or the kid that we (okay, only me) want, but we do have a new flatmate, who I shall call something pretty, like, um, Lily. Yes, I like Lily, and that way I can go, "Lily, don't be silly" and several other Loin King jokes. Anyway, so we met Lily through the Editor-Poets, friends of mine who I have blogged about earlier, and she came over after we returned and liked the flat and us and so, long story short, she'll be moving in come June 1st. (Touch wood, I say superstitously).

Tonight, Small, Lily and I (already it sounds natural to type that sentence) are going to TC, and she's going to spend the night and we're doing all sorts of flatmate bonding and I am filled with good cheer and the need to sing Seasons In The Sun at the top of my lungs. Only I can't drink at TC, which leads me to Piece Of News That Has Happened To eM Part 2.

While I was in Egypt I contracted this nasty rash, which I thought was because of these little sandflies that kept biting me, but then when it refused to go away, I went to the hopsital when I returned and it turns out it's because of something I ate. So I'm now on steroids, which has cleared it up marvellously, and makes my skin look radiant, but sadly that means no alcohol for like ten days, and no smoking also (to an extent). And it's really harddddddddddddddd.


  1. steroids like a topical cream? or do you have to swallow a pill?
    but no alcohol is horribly hard...

  2. Hi, eM! Sounds kind of sucky, but perhaps the perfect forced opportunity to give up those habits and replace them with new, I-want-to-live-forever healthful ones!

    (For a second there, I thought you were gonna say "no drinking 'cause I'm pregnant!" Which is another good excuse to pick up those healthful habits, but not everyone waits for that news before prepping their bodies for those future babies.)

  3. Steroids cleared your rash? Really? Then why does a slight excess cause rashes for me??

  4. Hey cool you are back and got a flatmate as well. I checked your last post. It must have been so exciting. Did you meet any good looking Egytpians?;)

  5. congrats on finding a flatmate that u like, it's no small achievement :)

    and your post below was great, i fell in love with egypt just by reading it. hope u'll share more stories from your journey...

  6. this might be an opportunity to quit. smoking, i mean. the juice of bacchus is always good

  7. heh, no drinking.. it'll do your insides a little bit of goodness. look at it this way.. soon you'll be drinking, and you'll be radiant.


    and nice to hear abt lily. your blogfans say "hi lily"

  8. No booze and cigarettes for a while, huh?? Hehe! Bummer! Boy.. I know a few people who'd like to put me on steroids now! :P


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