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8 December 2008

Capital, old chap

So, we're home. Suitcases across the floor and not much inclination to unpack. Birthday parties to plan. Things to catch up on. The flatmate's story of where she was "that night." Bombay, unchanged, business as usual, but perhaps, maybe it's my imagination, a little bit quieter.

And so, I move on to my recollections about Delhi. JC was quite a success, and I think he had fun too. We didn't do much, no sightseeing or anything (except a day spent at Daryagunj and Kareem's), but we did manage to meet quite a few people. And he did get to see what Delhi's like if you live there, and not as a tourist.

Things I got:

I got my first set of birthday presents from the 'rents. A Nine West tangerine bag and beige and tangerine shoes to match. (SO lovely, I feel hot and power woman-like each time I wear them) and new RayBan shades--just the kind I wanted, big ones with plastic frames so they don't burn my face each time I put them on in the sun and darker than my old ones, which is also what I wanted, seeing as we're hitting our late twenties and crow's feet have begun to make their presence felt.

I also went to Janpath, with Fariha and JC, where I bought a red floral pattern dress which makes me look like Jennifer Lopez with the boobage. JC got Christmas presents, and I also got my first lesson in how men shop for presents. There was no deliberating, just chop-chop-chop, this is what I want, okay, I'll take five. Phew! It seems more effecient, but less fun.

From Daryagunj, I got a bunch of books including The Wonder Spot, written by Melissa Banks (author of one of my favourites--The Girl's Guide To Hunting And Fishing). It's one of those books that is so good that you have to stop every now and then to inhale and make sure you're reading slowly, so it doesn't finish too fast.

And, I also got myself a dustbin for my room, something that I've wanted for the last two years. It seems rather odd to be going on about a dustbin, but I've been looking for just the right one. Not those Magnet industrial kitchen ones, not the plastic ones, I wanted the steel look but slightly more classy. I think my new bin does that. I've very proudly discarded two ciagrette packets in it right now. My resolution for Year 27 is to be slightly more handy around the house, so I'm going to begin with keeping my space a little more organised. It's tough to break bad habits formed for YEARS, but hey, it's worth a shot, eh? Household hints for the harried will be welcome.

Partying like it's 1999:

Stone happened some ONE GAZILLION times. They let you SMOKE, which nowadays is all I seem to need from a bar. That's the nice thing about a lot of places in Delhi, they have the space to put out a smoker's balcony. (Psst: in Bandra, there's Zenzi and Banana Bar, if you're desperate for a cigarette with your drink.)

We also did the oldnew TCOpus with Crowley. I guess I'm just going to have to accept that TC as it was is dead and gone. KVA and I were actually having a discussion about it. "The old TC was a legend," he said, "And even if they reopen in the same place, it will never be the same." Sad, but true. Still, it is heartwarming to see that the DJ hasn't changed his playlist in two years.

Very nice Saturday night Blingbees do at a new restaurant called The Yum Yum Tree in New Friend's. It was a 90s night, which meant not only 90s music (yay!) but also 90s prices (re-yay!), which meant a hundred bucks plus taxes on drinks. So we---Fariha, Rehaan (old friend, has just returned from phoren), JC and I--got completely, out of our minds, shimmying on the floor, talking to everyone around us, shit faced.

One night we met Leela and Ishan at Aqua, where the bouncers recognised me, making me feel all posh. It was someone's pre-wedding party, but they said to bring friends, so Leela did, joyfully. Sadly I was driving and couldn't take advantage of the AWESOME open bar, but I think JC had both our shares.

What we ate:

Big Chill (no brainer, but duuuuuuuuuude, prices have gone up by like a HUNDRED rupees)

Sancho's (a new (?) Mexican place in South Ex. Lovely food, I'd recommend it highly)

Kareem's (Mmmmmmmmmm)

Stone (where they do a really good medium rare steak. Seriously.)

Moet's Sizzler (Meh.)

Ubiquitous weather reference:

Cold weather is fun!


  1. The best way to keep your place organised is to find out where you actually dump particular stuff ( Trust me there is a pattern to this) and somehow stack it and organise it there. I live alone and this is my real find. Like i have noticed, i rush to the loo the moment i am at home and the shoes are usually dropped off near the loo, so no guesses for where you will find my shoerack.

    This way you can be messy and organised at the same time. The only problem is that your friends will find your place a little wierd.

  2. I went to daryaganj yesterday for the first time in my life and was ermm.. disillusioned to begin with.

    All i did was to hold on to the guy went with in an attempt to not fall and it seemed like the whole world's feet were converging to mine. Too much.

    But then the books more than made up for all the disappointments. I bought enough to last me some three-four months. Yay! Won't have to see spits and cowdungs and shopkeepers walking on books for another two months.

    Oh and nice post as usual. :)

  3. Cold weather is sure fun, it increases the population as well ;)

  4. hey i loved your post! i'm a dilliwali myself, and more than anything it brought back how it feels to live in delhi! tell me something - where exactly are sancho's (part1? part2?) and stone? i'm going to delhi in a week's time, and would love to check them out! :) i love big chill and moet's sizzlers too!! :)

  5. sooooooo, living a little more organized-ly (phew, large word, doesn't roll off the tongue)are we?(and after that last bracket thingy, the sentence doesn't have the same feel to it...)

    good good... the very first 2009 resolution to look back on with's gonna go baby...

  6. Shhhh about Zenzi. Or they will take it away too.

  7. wordsmith: sancho's is in south ex 2, just above what used to be planet m. stone is in moets, in def col. not the sizzlers one, the other moets.
    operative: GOOD idea :) thanks!
    sakshi: being a small person myself, i fully sympathise.
    skullz:well.. i was conceived in march, so there goes that theory.
    kanimas: come on. have a little faith!

  8. and parul (who i guess posted just as i did): i heard some crazy news about zenzi being shut down. but i still have to confirm it. first tc then zenzi? why, god, why?

  9. Being a Delhiite away from Delhi is a really tough job. Especially when I am in Chennai of all places. And especially in the winter. Your post brings back memories and also brings fresh news of the Delhi layout. Thanks for that!

  10. I thought the Daryaganj Sunday market had shut down? I haven't been in four or five years.

  11. Tired of your everyday experiences, routines, shits and stuffs. Why don't you post some short stories or haikus or something more imaginative or interesting?
    Well, i do admit you have a great language and a captivating writing style.

  12. Sounds like someone had a good time back home! The best way to keep your place clean is to make peace with the fact that in all the mess, YOU actually know where everything is kept (and hopefully you find it)

  13. Great post... made me miss Dilli a bit :)

    Would love it if you could expound a bit on the blasts. i have read your bit about them, but yeah... a bit more ranting would be appreciated ... counter catharsis maybe ?

  14. friends,
    festivals are no more an occasion of joy....
    they are the days of heightened risks....
    they are the days of increased vigil.....
    they are the days of bloodshed and cries.

    how can we celebrate anymore?????????????????
    how can we live with peace????????

    at least can we die with peace???

    friends, think of it...........

  15. ey... given your don'tlike-hate relation with craiglist..i totally thought you should read this...

  16. another nice place to eat, for chinese/thai food...chi, opposite iit. 1st time i went there, i was real excited to see they have a crossword on their menu, but it hadn't changed the next few times i went :-/ anyway, good food. the prices hv meant i can't go to big chill twice a week like i used to :(

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  19. ya its a nice post,i felt like to talk with you...i felt like u are really a interesting person

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  22. Oh well. I started from the top till here in one read... Thoroughly enjoyable... Even if your hurt posts are much better than the giggly-happy ones.
    You have a good thing going. Keep it spinning.


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