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13 June 2010

Your body’s a dream that’s turned violent, and that’s the way I like it

Because I am ALL ABOUT the lists this week, this post is going to be a list as well.


1) First, I need to pimp myself. I do. I’m sorry. I am a freelance writer, and as you know, this work pays peanuts. Probably even peanut shells sometimes. And when you have a blog, you should be able to use it to like a little oh-look-at-me-and-maybe-toss-some-money-my-way tool every now and then, right? Right. Justification over, let me tell you what I’m planning for next weekend. It struck me that there are LOADS of workshops all over Bombay. For cooking and dancing and photography, even for SARI TYING (which I should really attend.) And I thought, hey, I could totally do a workshop. So, ta-dah, I’m doing a creative writing workshop at my house in Bandra next week (Sunday, June 20th). For the bargain price of Rs 1500, you get three hours of intensive writing exercises, critique, advice on how to get started and stuff like using social media, getting a publisher and so on. Sounds awesome? Write to me at thecompulsiveconfessorATgmailDOTcom to sign up. Link to the Facebook event here.


2) Went for this interesting party the other day. It was hosted by this website called Internations and I was asked by this friend of mine, so I dragged Ira along as my date and the two of us went. Expat parties are usually not my cup of tea, I mean, completely expat parties, where it seems as though everyone is living in this little bubble which they basically transport from country to country. But this one was quite fun. I met loads of interesting people, including a German door maker and the location was fabulous; at the Novotel’s bar which has this nice outdoor section overlooking the sea and where they play excellent alternative rock which sort of went with the whole ambience. Good fun.


3) Scholastic asked me to go down to Pune to talk to some of their marketing staff earlier this week. My mother and cousin were still in town, so I took them along as well. The chat itself was brief, but two nice things happened—I got a chance to hold the new book and smell it and love it and gasp at the inevitable typos and we had a nice long drive down the Bombay-Pune expressway which is really beautiful. I’ve been down it before, to go to Kamshet and Goa and so on, but when you’re with out-of-towners who marvel at these things, it’s nice to take a fresh look. We also stopped at the famous Shrewsbury biscuits bakery for them to take presents and man, it was the most crowded bakery I’ve ever been at. Who knew they were so popular? My mother left today and I’m all waaaaaah, I miss my mommy! Sigh. I guess in some regards, you never really grow up.


4) Oh, also. Speaking of Scholastic and pimping and so on, they now have an excerpt from Confessions online. Here, in fact. If you’re curious, take a look and let me know what you think. I’m looking for honest feedback! The contest with Friends Of Books went well, too. We got a lot of entries, and I’m going to be making my final decision soon, so stay posted.


5) I still haven’t been to see SATC the worsequel. I know it’s going to be terrible. I know I’m going to hate it. I also know I’m going to watch it. By postponing the viewing, I’m hoping to hold on to some of the magic of the show while I still can before this movie irrevocably ruins it for me. Did anyone like it?


6) By the way, a tip for anyone in Bombay who’s got visitors? You don’t even need to show them the sights anymore. The Bandra-Worli sea link is SO fascinating that my mother and cousin could talk of nothing else. I did my duty as a family member though (reluctantly leaving Bandra) and showed them stuff like Brittania, the Asiatic Library and the Tea Centre, among other things, but nothing compared to the sea link trips.


7) I just bought drop crotch pants from this very nice (and pretty cheap) boutique in Bandra called Creative Handicrafts. (They’re an NGO giving work to underprivileged women.) Drop crotch pants are very cool and  attractive and comfortable and I love them, but I didn’t realise they don’t give you much stretching room. Result: walking up the stairs, I had to literally WADDLE. Not sexy, no.


And that’s all I have for you this week. Except that now that I’m done with almost every single TV show that I love and they’re all on a break till September, I’m at a loss. I’m looking for something Gilmore Girls-esque. Any suggestions? Or, I could just rewatch Gilmore Girls, I suppose. That should keep me occupied for a while.


  1. hi eM, saw you on heavy petting today...cute kitty!

  2. k lipstick jungle? just 2 seasons but absolute time pass.
    Old series..what i like about you
    Cougar hooked on to this one.

  3. *realises she is a dinosaur and goes off to google drop crotch pants*

  4. My first time here... couldn't resist because of the title. There's something in it... hurting one into feeling...


  5. hi eM :)

    Problem is. . . I live in Hyderabad. So please conduct this sort of workshop when you're here.

  6. I read the is cute..can't wait to read the whole book..

    I have to tell you,satc 2 is a disappointment...i loved d series, and the 1st movie...but this 1 is boooooringgggg.... :(

  7. Hi. It is my first visit here.

    With the sole intention to ask, I'd like to know how does your blog attract so much attention and readership, although the things that you usually write, are quite ordinary and all of us go through these similar experiences in Mumbai.

    I think you've built a brand following to your blog, that has attracted readers and makes other readers visit too.

    Thank you.

  8. Excerpt link not working?

    1500 = too much unless alcohol is included.

  9. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Tried Cougar Town but couldn't get into it much. So, I'm having a Family Guy marathon.

    @Perakath: Not too much if you consider that my hourly fee for writing a piece is normally more, plus people would spend that amount of money on drinks or food at a nice place anyway. Why pay less for a skill? Checked the link and it's working on my laptop, maybe refresh?

    ps: everyone, I have three slots left, so if you want to sign up, now is the best time! (If this one goes well, I'm planning on making the workshop a regular feature, so don't worry if you don't get a space this time, just send me an email and I'll put you on the list for the next set.)

  10. Fair enough.

    The link takes me to a page with the book's pic, your pic, and the book's ISBN number and page count, but no review. Am I being a spaz, or is there something wrong?

  11. Hi eM, I'm an occasional lurker on your blog. I highly recommend Glee. Also dreading SATC 2 but I'm gonna watch it anyway and not listen to the pathetic reviews I've heard so far. I think they went too far with the second movie, but still hoping it can live up to the show!

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  14. Hey! 'The Vampire Diaries' ...It is as mesmerizing as Gilmore Girls

  15. Ugh. Just when I thought the trolls were gone for good, up comes another. (Don't bother clicking through, the profile's very conveniently disabled.)

    Really? The Vampire Diaries? Really?

    I LOVE Glee.

    And thanks, Push. :)

  16. I am currently hooked on to "Californication". NSFW though.

    And DEFINITELY not Gilmore Girls-ish.

  17. Hey why didn't you write about teen competition before?? Anyways I read this last night and have attempted something on my blog

    Also I desperately want to read your new book, how can I get it in Muscat?

  18. I'm a list person too, so here goes-
    1. Nice post. Makes me want to grab the new book as soon as its out. Only, I'd like this one autographed as well. :)

    2. As for the SATC movie, I heard Karan Johar praising it on the TV, so...

    3. There is nothing, I repeat - NOTHING good on TV these days. I am watching SATC season 2 again, yes.

    4. Regarding the workshop, I am writing a mail to you on Facebook.

    5.All the best for the book!

  19. hey! just read the excerpt.. its good.. but a lil too tween..prob im not a part of the audience that it is catering to..also, im looking forward to attending the workshop lets see if i can make it..
    why dont u try gossip girl.. 3 seasons over.. but it really got me hooked..and its totally gilmore girls-esque..

  20. Your blog is EVIL!!

    Here I am trying to work and all I end up doing is reading your blog...
    Could you stop being so freaking fun so some of us can get some work done


  21. Workshops are a good idea...being a published author gives u the credibility and popularity that wud sell :) however 1500 and not a mention of wine or cheese or even cheap rum n now now are we trying to make the workshop boring or is it a surprise or u r worried u might need bouncers also then :P hey wait u might need bouncers anyways, this is india right :P

    Good luck with your new book, read the sneak peek of the first chapter, can't really say from that but hell if the first print is completely bought out then i guess its said already :)

  22. btw never understood the fetish for shrewsberry biscuits...i find them quite for lack of better terms...plain...simple..ordinary

    but then thats me...evidently the whole world finds them heaven's gift :P

  23. Hey, try 90210...erm, but the season's over so you'll have to wait till August...

    (Really? Is Glee good??? I was soo heartbroken by the break in 90210, that I just couldn't watch Glee :/)


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