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3 April 2013


Things that are free:

1) A vast portion of the internet, including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, THIS blog (yay), and if you look hard enough, television, books and movies.

2) Nice walks.

3) 5 pm music time.

4) Smells.

5) The joy of a good parking spot. The joy of holding hands with someone whose hands aren't sweaty or flabby or pulling you along. The joy of seeing a friend after a long time. The joy of having nothing to do on a Sunday. Joys.

6) Sadness is also free, but expensive in the long run.

Things that give me the heebie jeebies:

1) The word 'nipple'.

2) Using 'loose' when you mean 'lose'.

3) Dirty dishes.

Things I love this week:

1) This bag from Zara.

Things I could eat pretty much all the time:

1) Chicken wings with blue cheese dip, but then if they don't taste the same in real life as they do in my head, it's always disappointing.

Things it would be nice to have:

1) A diplomatic passport.

Things that don't necessarily make me a BAD person but err on the side of Very Human: 

1) Making faces in my head when couples I don't like have lovey-dovey pictures on Facebook.

2)  Similarly, making faces at baby photos belonging to new parents I don't like.

3) Similarly AGAIN, brief, bare glee in a bad review of an author I don't like as a person.

Things I do to compensate on whatever Bad Karma the previous one might get me:

1) Slowing down the car to let old, nervous people cross the road. (But this could also be compensating for the bad temper I get into whenever same old people ask me to switch lower berths for uppers in a train.) 

I'm going to hell, essentially.

I also constantly resist the urge to say 'Fuck you' on Twitter to stupid people who @ me with something dumb in response to one of my tweets. Does this count?

Things I like on Twitter this morning:

Things I like on Instagram this morning:

From @dailydoodlegram

From @supriyasodhi

From @jethromullen


  1. You might be going to hell, but for sure,you won't be alone lol lol ;) :D

  2. Listy post! I love.
    Under your Very Human traits, you basically described what a LOT of people think ALL the time, so.
    And 'Sadness is also free, but expensive in the long run' is beautiful and so true.
    And, I completely 100 percent agree about people switching lose and loose. It makes me feel like someone's dragging a pointy rake through my brain. Also 'who's' and 'whose'. Great post!

  3. Love this post!! can totally relate to some of the things.. especially the one about making faces at couple pics..

    Instantly retweeted Diksha basu's tweet on being 30 and looking 25.. but I guess its more flattering than anything else (atleast the optimistic in me says so)

  4. haha funny stuff , theres some funny people on twitter but i refuse to join ! so thank you for sharing !

  5. Hahaha , Very true on people using 'loose' instead of 'lose'.I saw it recently on a billboard, can you believe it ?


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