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9 May 2016

Today in Photo

World's sweetest spitz. I know, I know, like many of you, I had a prejudice against the breed, so yappy, so small. But Lily was rescued from a home where she was tied up and forced to stand in her own urine and feces. Cupa in Bangalore picked her up, and K's parents adopted her: their first dog. In just a few short months, she's gained weight and gone from a life of misery to one of luxury and love. And her early years notwithstanding, she is just the best natured dog I have ever met. She still cowers when you try to pet her head, which makes us think she was beaten in her earlier life. How can people be so cruel? Lucky for everyone, Lily doesn't hold it against humans and is fast learning to accept love. Here we are on a road trip from Chennai to Bangalore, where K and I will be spending some time dog sitting while his parents are away. #rescuedogs #spitzesofinstagram

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  1. Aww. Sweetness! Please give Lily a big hug from me, if she lets you :)


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