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30 December 2019

Today in Photo

For yesterday's #pravi wedding ceremony, I decided to wear a sari which meant I had to layer and accessorise so I could still look reasonably stylish while also being as warm as toast. So, in case you need similar tips: underneath, I'm wearing fleece tights and a petticoat, on top there's a black body suit, the orange blouse and a deep necked black pullover, which meant you could sort of see the blouse through the pallu. Since I wanted to wear my red leather jacket on top, I wore my pallu like this and added a fanny pack to double as a belt. This is an ancient kanjivaram raided from my grandmother's cupboard, about 70 years old. When the silks first became popular outside Tamil Nadu, they only did limited colours so my great aunts all have some version of this too. Despite her great age, the sari still has plenty of life in her yet and did indeed keep me as warm as toast while also attracting the compliments which were her due. (if old cars can be women, why not old clothes with plenty of history in them too?) #whatiworetoday

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