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20 December 2021

Today in Photo

The evolution of a bed: swipe to see! We haven't had a refreshing night's sleep since we moved nearly two weeks ago. While I think 40 is a good age to make a major life change, like moving countries, alas, it is too old to sleep on the floor with just rugs and a patio mattress as padding. And then there was poor Bruno crying at night, and now the other two waking us up for breakfast at some obscene hour in the morning. Buying a bed is one of those grown up things that is so easy in India and so hard everywhere else. Our mattress back home in Delhi was delightful but free from a friend who was upgrading. Before that, I had one of those cotton gaddas. So it was a shock to me to see how much a good one cost. K suggested we get a really good mattress, one that all of Reddit was going on about, some cult favourite called Bett1. OK, I said, then our bed frame has to be cheap so he found one second hand online and carted it home on the U Bahn. The mattress came this morning, it's soft on one side, hard on the other and amazing all through. I love it, I love sleep which I will now do a lot more of. Long live beds, long live my fabulous forty life full of indulgences. #berlinna #theprincessandthepea #allyouneedissleep

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