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18 July 2022

Today in Photo

The devil wears an old lady's Prada shoes. My in laws next door neighbour had to go into a care home so they bought a bunch of her stuff - - the plates we use for instance and these shiny Prada loafers I'm wearing in this photo with much excitement. Was going to an exhibition about Berlin's famed Tresor club and thought I'd dress up a bit. On top is a coat I bought in Sarojini Nagar for like ₹300 which I've never worn much because it was either too thin or too thick for the weather but hurrah, turns out in Europe's temperamental summer it is just right. A bit bit around the back and shoulders but that's the style these days na? Sadly those shoes were SO UNCOMFORTABLE my toes were crying by the time I got home and I had to strip to bare feet in the lift up to our floor so sadly maybe no more Prada for me. So TRAGIQUE. #berlinna #whatiworetoday #usedclothes

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