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21 June 2004

An explanation

First off, this was not what I was supposed to do. I am technically supposed to be working, but it's one of those days when all my work finished early and here I sit at 6 pm, trying desperately to look like I'm working... I'm a journalist, so typing is a good thing!
Okay, on to the explanations:
1) Time for a brief life-history. I'll make it very brief so you won't get bored, God knows I do reading about other people's aunts and uncles and second cousins. As of now, I'm 22, I'm a journalist like I said before and I work in a tabloid! I live, work, love in New Delhi, the capital of India. I'm single (ie I'm not married) but I have a beautiful boyfriend. Oh, and I'm also a woman. But don't worry about these details. If you keep reading (and I sincerely hope you do!) I will reintroduce myself and the people in my life.
2) The title of my blog: If you've read Franny And Zooey by JD Salinger, you'll know there's a part where Seymour tells Zooey to 'shine his shoes for the fat lady.' Of course, Zooey later goes on to compare the Fat Lady to Jesus Christ, plus there's the whole Fat Lady in Harry Potter thing. Therefore, this blog is dedicated to my 'fat lady'--- the reader who logs in to see what I've added and who wonders what I'm doing today. Fat Lady, if you're reading this today, hi! welcome! Hope you're having a good day. (I just want to add, the fat lady is a metaphor only. It's not meant as a slur against any kind of body type. You could be my fat lady even if you're skinny and beautiful!)
Later, y'all.


  1. Thank you Cayce... ooh I can't believe I got my first comment!

  2. have this habit of readin the very frst posts of all em well turned out blogs. just wanted to see how it all began fr this one. some pretty awsome posts u got there. bravo...keep up

  3. surprisingly i too like reading the first post of any blog. fancy!

  4. so me not the only one, who starts with the first entry chking out.

    this captcha is hopelessly annoying thing

  5. I am also suffering from RFPS...reading first post syndrome

    But good first post

  6. you know....dat makes you a perfect girl and most noticeable thing of your is dat despite being 26, in intro you prefer writing...TWENTY SOMETHING!!...sounds cool....

  7. hi.. this is padmaja and i got introduced to your blogs thru one my colleague who reads it regularly... me in the office in the morning with loads of work was trying to fool around for a while but after reading this blog of urs that u are thru wid ur work and then busy blogging have increased my guilt and i felt like i should also complete my work first... well u are doing a great job and keep writing..

  8. I luv u; and no i am NOT desperate guy looking for sex in Delhi, nor am I lesbian. Lah. Good first post.

  9. Hi! I'm a new reader.. Found your blog by googling it's title after I read your book 'You Are Here' and I loved it!!! Just thought I'd say 'Hi'! :)

  10. Ssshh... very secretly and quietly,I feel lucky that google directed me to a post by the writer (whose age and gender matters least, as long as I read 'coz it's entertaining - writer might know it too)... so I plan to spend my weekend doing this thing I think I'd enjoy the most... reading you... chupke se...

  11. I am a toddler in blogging...Accidentally came across ur blog...Glad that it happened..
    A really interesting blog!


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