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23 June 2004


It's Wednesday morning where I am, and I'm at work. I'm trying to re-hydrate my de-hydrated self with cold coffee. I'm quite proud of my cold coffee. It's hard to make without a blender, and only powdered milk, but mine is a work of art, even if I do say so myself!
The reason I'm dehydrated is because I may have overdone it a little last night. You see, K. (my boyfriend) and I were invited for the opening of a new nightclub. Now we're normally a 'go-to-a-quiet-place-with-a-few-friends kind of couple, but we thought it had been a while since we had done the whole 'social' scene and so we went.
The place was packed! There was hardly any room to breathe. I was wearing my flatmates Britney Spears type hat, you know the kind that looks like a beret with a brim, and mercifully my hair was ironed so I reveled in my new persona, acting just like the rest of the girls with 'armpit' bags and manicured nails. Not to mention the designer labels. Now, I'm considered quite attractive, I'm quite skinny with a decent enough body, in my social circle but I usually dress down-- baggy jeans, a tight fitting but somewhat faded t-shirt, you know. But I decided to 'dress' last night. It was sorta gratifying to have so many people check you out, though whether they were looking at me or my hat, I'm not sure. I even met an old crush who told me I was "looking good". I just love it when that happens, don't you?
But by the end of it, I got tired of the fakeness. I pulled my hat over my eyes and said, "This is my people-shooting hat", (From Catcher In The Rye) and only K got what I was referring to.
So we left.

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  1. Heyyyyy "Armpit bags" that's what I call them too. When I was in college a lot of girls used to carry these annoying bags, That's if you can them bags in the first place,I mean my toiletry bag when I'm traveling is much larger than those supposed "Hand bags". I wonder what can they accommodate in there anyways..lipgloss, mirror, car keys and yeahhh perfume perhaps. Anyhow these armpit bags are usually carried by girls wearing tight jeans that I'm sure they need to peel off when they get home and then not to forget the long manicured nails, layers of paint (Read makeup) on every visibly exposed body part and also their cleavage popping out attracting stares, Thank to their push up bra's!! Well this is just an observation with no offense meant whatsoever :)


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