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22 August 2004

13 Things You Probably Didn't Need To Know About Me

1) I love the colour purple. And white, and spare me the BS about white "not really being a colour". I also love the book The Color Purple.
2) I haven't seen the Lord Of The Rings or the Matrix trilogy, and I'm still alive and kicking.
3) I reach for a salty snack before a sweet one.
4) I was born in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
5) My mum's a journalist too. In fact, she even covers books, same as me. And if one more person says, "Following in your mother's footsteps, eh?" I will scream.
6) My dad's in the government service. He doesn't live in Delhi, but drops by every once in a while. He's also a writer in Malayalam.
7) I have a problem with confrontation. I'm also extremely lazy. Sometimes I'm even too lazy for sex.
8) When I'm stuck in traffic jams I fantasise about my perfect car called Kit, which navigates itself, plays me music and shows me DVDs, parks itself and can fly if need be. I also sometimes sing Backstreet's Back.
9) I like pretending I'm Britney Spears recieving a Grammy in the shower.
10) I have David Beckham wallpaper on my computer screen and every time I close all my windows I just stare at him for a while and sigh.
11) I have dated (flings included) about 10 men.
12) My favourite part of my body is my stomach because it's flat and pierced with a silved earring with a shiny pink stone.
13) When I doodle, I draw eyes. Sometimes faces too, but eyes the most. And snails.


  1. I love The Color Purple, too. I hardly ever meet anyone these days who means the novel and not the film when they talk about it. Now...while I can understand about the Matrix ones, how in the world you're still drawing breath not having seen The Lord of the Rings is beyond me. :) I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a member of that cult...was so captivated after the second one that when I went home from the theater, I had to go out and immediately get Return of the King to read. And I did. Far too quickly. :)

  2. Hima> I'm pretty sure you're good lookin' anyway without the washboard tummy ;)

    Fuego> Aargh rabid LOTR lover in the house, I KNEW I shoulddn't have posted that!


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