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25 August 2004

Saturday Night Dance I Like The Way You Move - Part 1

Now for some gossip which has been sorely missing in my blog of late. I'm going to tell you about my Saturday night--- very interesting events actually!
I was going to have a 'house-cooling' party, because soon *sigh* I move out of my lovely bachelorette pad and move back in with my mother. Why? Because I simply don't earn enough. Though I might have the "power of the press" and all that, at the end of the day I'm still barely managing. So it's back to Mummy for me and in with Dee's sister, Amulya who has already shifted most of her stuff in. And cleaned. Oh my god, the flat has never looked so 'lived-in'. Dee and I tend to hang our clothes on the floor, occasionaly picking them up, empty glasses and full ashtrays everywhere. Guess what our ashtray has now? Throat lozenges! And a big vase of fake flowers on the fridge.
Anyway, so back to the house cooling party. Saturday at work, I was confronted with a whole lot of depressing emails, all pretty much saying "Sorry, we can't make it". First I locked myself in the loo and wept, then I emerged pissed off and drove home, still pretty pissed off.
Dee, Amulya and Sara, their cousin were at home and they proposed an 'evening in town' to take my mind off things. Sara is leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow and she wanted to party for her last night in Delhi. I'm not very much of a party person, only knowing the few intimate corners that I frequent and she wanted to full-power club which meant going to those places where you had to wear heels. So we decided on Buzz, a nice place with good music where you don't really have to dress up. I wanted to dress a little though, so I did wear heels (though they left huge blisters on each big toe) and a skirt with a tank top.
Only just when we had decided where to go, a friend from work-- Raghav-- did show up. I thought it was incredibly sweet of him to come, alone at that, because he knew how depressed I was. He sat for a bit, showed us some great pictures of the Himalayas from where he had just returned and drank a beer. I was getting all misty-eyed because of how sweet it was of him to come at all and just dreamily watched as he chatted with the girls.
By the time he left, it was getting on nine. Everyone went in for showers, me last because my hair needs to be perfectly set before I leave the house, plus I like to smell of fresh scent as I exit.
So get this, by the time we get to the area where Buzz is, everyone is starving. (Time check: 10.45 pm). So we pile into Subway where the three of them eat and then into McDonalds, where I get some french fries. All this while wearing our 'fancy clothes' and make-up. Finally we get to Buzz (Time check: 11.30 pm) where, surprise, surprise, entry is closed. Good thing too, the place was packed and I didn't particularly fancy being next to some guys smelly armpits. Sighing, and with Sara looking like she was going to burst into tears we went across to Wok-a-rama, a place with cheap alcohol to get tequila shots. Amulya was looking like she was flagging, being the designated driver and all, she wasn't drinking and so sipped her iced water while the three of us sprinkled the salt onto our wrists and with much head-tossing-back threw our shots down our gullets.
"Well, it is rather late to go anywhere else," said Dee, musing.
"How about Turquoise Cottage?" I suggested eagerly. I was depressed too, and I really needed some partying. Sara turned a tremulous face to me and then back to her cousins. "Ooh, yes, lets!"
"Well... okay," agreed Amulya, probably seeing as I did, that all of Sara's shine at the beginning of the evening had begun to wane.
Dee and I grinned at each other and then I proceeded to teeter across to the parking lot (high heels, remember?)
Ah but the evening did pick up! Stay tuned for episode 2 :)


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