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29 September 2004

From the 'Wierd Email Files'

Recieved on Monday, 27 October via the Mouthshut M2M service.
Edits: Removed his cell number which he thoughtfully sent me.
Wierdness factor: 11/10

I am Sandeep and i got your id from As this is my first mail I think I must tell you about myself since my childhood. I did my schooling from a small town Orai. It’s a town near Jhansi. You might not have heard about Orai. It’s a very small place. Since I was a kid I wanted to be an engineer. Like every mathematics student I too appeared for IIT entrance exam. But I didn’t get selected. Then I did my B.Sc from jhansi and when I was in final year of B.Sc I appeared for various MCA entrance exams and finally got into JSS Engineering College Noida. I passed my MCA in 2002. But 2002 was a bad year for software industry so there were no campus placements at our institute. I didn’t get job for first 2 months. Then I got a job in a web site development company.
Job was not up my skills and they were also not paying me well to survive in city like Delhi. They offered me transfer to Lucknow. I agreed happily as at least I can survive with that amount in Lucknow. I worked in that company for one year. Then software industry again started booming up and I did an advanced course in software from CDAC Noida and I got placed in this company. R Systems. It’s a multinational company started by an Indian.
My hobbies include traveling, reading business magazines like Business India, Business India etc, playing tennis. I also like listening good music. I had a girl friend when I was in MCA but for very short time. When I was in MCA 2nd year I became friendly with one of my juniors. Her name was Neha. After about 2 months she proposed me. I also liked her so there was no point of declining her offer. But she left our college to join another college. She got admission in a better college. But we keep on meeting twice a week. She was from Noida. One day she said that she want to finish this relationship, I asked her why but she didn’t said anything. After 2 days she called me in the hostel and asked me to forgive her and she said she wish to continue the relationship and she assured me that she will never ever do that again. But our relation lasted for 1 more month and again she did the same thing. I thought that she will came back to me as she did earlier. But she didn’t. I tried to contact her but she was least interested. After about one year I came to know through a common friend that she left me for another guy in her new college. After that incident I decided that I would never ever involve with any girl. My wife will be the only girl to whom I will love.
Usually guys like girls who have nice figure bur I am different. I like girls who have beautiful hands. I like girls who have nicely shaped long nails which are polished with nice shades like brown,pink etc. Please write me about your nails in detail.
Here in Noida I live in Sec 27, near Atta Market. Have you ever been to Noida? My office timings are 9 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday. Saturdays and Sundays are usually free but sometimes if we have a deadline (regarding delivering software) then I have to go to office on weekends also for some time. I am working as Software Engineer (Quality Control). I have to verify the developed software and give suggestions to the development team on how to clear the defect in the software.
I think I have written a lot.. Please write me in detail about your self. This is a serious mail I will write funny one next time.
With regards for your parents.
Take Care.

(Okaaaaaay then!)


  1. Hi, came here from Hima's blog.
    and this isssssssss damnn funnyyyyy :-)) :-)) :-))
    best lines were
    "This is a serious mail I will write funny one next time.
    With regards for your parents."

    P.S - do tell him about ur nails :-)) :-)) :-)) :-))

  2. This was a serious mail, hahahaha, the next one will be funny..hahaha. Can't wait!! And yeah what colour are your nails?? ;)


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