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14 September 2004

The Ministry Of Mind Fuck

First an apology about waiting to continue the "Revising Old Judgements" story for so long. I got bored of it after a while and compared to my absolute manic weekend, it was nuthin'
My friends have gone on a whole let's-fix-Mynna-up kick and so I've been faced with three boys so far, out of which two were rather comely.

And it's fun, yes, to be the focus of attention, to not know what an evening can bring, to wonder actually whether you're going to be kissed and not take it for granted. But at the end of the day, for the brief moment I was alone, I found myself staring at my ceiling (which is painted lavender with lemon spirals) and thinking, "Oh god, K. why did you leave me?"

Those unexpected moments are the worst. You're doing fine, all hunky-dory, and then your mind decides to fuck with you a little. I can't do this again, I can't. I can't have an "our song" again, explain my life again, get someone so well again, have private jokes.... it's just too hard, and too much work.. and reader, yes, I am a quitter.

How did this turn out to be a post on K? It was supposed to be a 'happy-happy-joy-joy' type post, telling you all about my single weekend and the absolute hottie of a 19 year old I met Saturday night, (who, by the way, looked exactly, but exactly, like Ashton Kutcher) and about the guy I met on Sunday (who Dhati gave this blog address to and who reads it so I can't tell you very much about him. Go read his blog). You see? The Ministry Of Mind Fuck is working overtime!

So later today, I will tell you about the weekend.... how was yours, by the way?

EDIT: Many of my "regulars" (stand up, take a bow, you know who you are) must have noticed my sidebar getting more and more crowded. Nope, I'm not going nuts. I've just always been a kind of pack-rat and whatver looks like a cool feature to add, promptly is. I love my blogpet, don't you? His name is Timothy (when I was a kid I had a girl doll called Timothy coz I thought it was too pretty a name for a boy). If you click on him, he'll talk to you :) Then there's my babel fish (if you haven't got the reference, run don't walk, to the nearest bookshop and buy The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy--- go on!) which very badly needed. I love foreign languages and I'm constantly using Google's language tools to figure out what I'm reading. That tool is more for mehan the prettifictaion of the blog, but you can use it if you want (my mother brought me up to share!)
Then the FAQ section is gone, no one was using it, so I'm trashing it. My links are now Blogrolled, which means I don't have to keep copy-pasting code onto my template. Lessee, what else? Oh yeah, right at the bottom, where it says Blogarama, is a little link to "Review My Site". I don't have to explain the use of that do I? : ) And the link to the Women's Blogroll, thanks to lovely Sunrayz.
Oh yeah, and in a shameless plug. My other blog has a contest going on, check it out!

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  1. Hiya! Have been reading your post and felt that you need a little something to make you feel better about getting over K. This book (you will find it on give you a perspective (which you may or may not agree entirely) which I am sure will help.I read a couple of times when I was going through a similar sitaution as you are, years back.Get it and read it ASAP.If it is not available off the rack-get it ordered specially.Its hilarious and thought -provoking.And yes,I felt all important reading my name on your post!!:-)) Thanx!


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