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20 October 2004

*Throws A Tantrum*

Aargh. Aargh.
What could be worse than having to spend an entire weekend with relatives, with phrases like 'You're so thin!" repeated ad nauseum?

Having to spend the entire weekend with relatives with phrases like "You're so thin!" repeated ad nauseum in Hyderabad. Yes, you read correctly. I'm being dragged, kicking and screaming the whole way to "go meet my grandmother" and assorted relatives in possibly the most boring place in the whole Indian subcontinent.

The worst part is, I'll probably spend all of five minutes talking to my grandmother. My mom is envisioning long bonding conversations where Grandma passes on the wisdom of her 70-something years on to me. I'm envisioning chewing off my own arm due to lack of nicotine.

Yeah. Can't smoke there. But, it makes me feel slightly better to know it's not just me. My mom can't smoke there either. (Mua-ha-ha-ha).

No cousins/co-conspirators in town either. (I don't get it. If they don't have to go for the stupid "festive season" why do I? It's not fair).

Here's what a typical day will be like: Wake up. Eat breakfast. Have a nap/drop in on some obscure branch of the family. Eat lunch. Nap # 2. Tea time (probably with another obscure branch). Dinner. Sleep.

Even looking at it is giving me a panic attack. But, silver lining--- there is a fully loaded comp with DSL no less, so you will probably see hundreds of aimless posts where I vent some more. I leave tomorrow evening and return Monday morning.

An entire weekend. I'm screwed.


  1. Ohhhh....I remember those days when I used to be dragged to meet assorted relatives,very much against my wishes....
    I hope ,if not anything,you can catch up on your sleep :-0!!
    Have fun.

  2. Have you checked this?
    Thought you might be interested.


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