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23 October 2004

A yellow post-it appears

I'm trying to post from my aunt's computer, which isn't showing the usual font/url/ital bar on top that blogger normally does.

Well, you'll all be glad to know, I'm surviving. Nope, scratch that. I'm actually having fun! Maybe fun is a little strong. Um.. okay, let me rephrase, AGAIN... I'm realising that even though I'd much rather be spending this weekend in Delhi, doing what I do, (nicotine, nicotine, why hast thou forsaken me?) I'm okay with spending it here too.

As I predicted, the meals and the naps happen round the clock. Yesterday, I fell asleep at least five times, in between naps I ate. But then I thought, "Hell, never going to be able to do this at home right?"

Everyone has a family holiday experience I think. For some, it's about walks with their grandfathers across long stretches of farm land, for others it's about hanging with your cousins, for me, it's this eating-sleeping thing

I'm not being very verbose I know. But this chair is funny, it hurts my wrists and my back and the keyboard feels odd too. So I'll tell you all the whoooooooleeeee story when I go back home,

Only tonight and tomorrow to get through without smokes! :)

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  1. So,you seem to be having a fairly good time! Good for you. Trust me,your body needs the rest.Plus, this gives the chance the explore the possibility of giving up nicotine......can I see you shaking your head and saying,'noway!'......well I can try can't I? :-) Have fun!


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