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1 February 2005


First of all, my sincere apologies for the last couple of morbidly depressing entries. I haven’t been myself lately---it’s not something I can explain—just an empty feeling deep within me.

My life has been so uneventful the past couple of weeks that I really have nothing worthy to blog about. Unless I write about work, but I did promise myself that I would never do that, because then it just becomes too damn complicated, after the last blog I had which was discovered by my colleagues.

But I’ve been in this social whirl this week. First off, it was Dee’s birthday on the 26th, and she had a small party in her flat. Great fun, lots of drinking, lots of talking and lots of eating. I got her a slutty pink halter, which I hope she’ll wear, because it’s SO hot! Also at the party were Hari, her boyfriend, Anuya, Hari’s sister, Shilpa, Dee’s sister and Angad, Shilpa’s boyfriend.

And then of course, the non-relatives—me, Shanti and Abhay. It was a good party though—nothing hectic, just like I like them these days, few enough people so you can have a regular conversation with everybody. Ooh and Anuya said she’d been reading my stories and liked them! Yay, me!

Then there was Turquiose Cottage on Friday night, again good fun. I met Iggy there, she has been in the depths of depression lately (I think it’s just that time of the year for everybody) and we had a long heart-to-heart. I told her about my "empty feeling", she confessed that her friend’s bad behaviour was making her feel very hurt and upset and we hugged, there in the middle of TC, with people around us giving us curious looks. It’s good to have friends.

Saturday night, I did do some of that "hectic" partying. It was Ginny’s college friend’s birthday party, only he ws throwing it at my friend Ranvir’s farmhouse. So by default, I was invited and so too by default, was Ranvir’s best friend, K. We were both very, very drunk, so discomfort was at a minimum. I also managed to have a long talk with K’s brother Rohaan. It’s weird, you date someone for two years and some, you get really tight with their families and when you break up, it’s like you have to pretend that never happened. You have to suddenly un-care about everything you used to care about. Rohaan and I used to be good friends, a summer or two ago I even fixed him up with one of my friends. And when I went to Goa with K’s family, Rohaan and I hung out quite a bit. So we were talking, he mentioned he loved my haircut (what fun! I’m loving this!) and he said how it was nice that me and K have reached this ‘comfort level’.

I’m not so sure about that however. It’s hard to avoid K, seeing as we move in the same social circle and all, but I’m not so sure I’m ready to clasp him to my bosom and declare best friendship forever. It’s something that needs to be thunk about, that’s for sure.

And now, here it is, Monday morning. Boston Boy (the one I mentioned earlier, remember? The guy who studies abroad?) has not replied to my email of last night, which means in all likelihood I’m going to have to wait till tomorrow morning before I hear from him. How’s that going? Very well, actually. We’ve managed to sustain a good email rapport, and I think that if this goes on the way it does, we may actually be able to last till June. But emails aren’t everything, I hear you saying, and I totally agree. Still, as of right now, it seems to be working for me.

Ex-New Boy has been calling me quite frequently these days, but that doesn’t cause any groin flutters. Just a sort of sisterly fondness, which I suppose is the death knell for any former relationship, huh? And talk about a blast from the past, Abhinav (of my The Younger Man story) recently called and messaged. What a coincidence!

Agent eM signing out. Roger wilco, pip pip and all that.


  1. 'Ello luv,
    Have been remiss in keeping in touch in days past, and for that I beg you to forgive. Since I know you love me too, I take for granted that you will, and move on to Phase Deux of taking over your blog (tee hee!!) *quickly moves away to avoid pokey fingers*
    Twisted my ankle wrestling over the weekend. I refuse for him to be called Hari. Lets go with, no, Cuthbert. No wait, I changed my mind... how about Rahul? Its nice, it works? There. Hahahahah!!! Gotta go. New job starts tomo.. wish me luck!!!
    Cheerio, pip pip, toodle-oo, Roger that, over and out.

  2. Oi!
    It's MY blog, something you have conveniently forgotten and therefore I shall call him whatever I like. You're lucky I stuck with Dee for you or you could've been Vasudha or something. You want to call him Devon or Cuthbert (CUTHBERT?? For fucks sake...) or Rahul, you do that on your own turf.
    Much to tell.... call me, my outgoing is barred. TC, Wednesday?


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