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26 January 2005

File under Miscellaneous

The Return Of The Product Whore

You know your life has been taken over by products when you find yourself blogging about them. But so far, I've been very, very good. Asides from that paean to Dove shower gel, I haven't breathed a word about anything else. But you should know about my gel fetish. It's got so, that when I crash at a friend's house, I might forget to pack a toothbrush but I never forget my gel. Ever since I cut my hair I've been using Nova, usually the storng-hold purple one, once the 'wet look' blue one and this month I'm using the green 'normal hold' one. I go through a jar of gel every month and yes, I know it's really bad for my hair and I will eventually go bald, etc etc, but I'd ratehr eventually go bald than go to work looking like a duck that just been for shock treatment. And the gel smells realllllllly good too.

You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog

Speaking of smells, there's been a whole lot of discussion about the smell of sex. Now, I personally have never noticed any particular odour that goes with the act of fornication, except perhaps, if you want to get really technical about it, the smell of two colognes mingling. But apparently there's a certain scent that arises from the act, which quite a few people have told me about. Are other people aware of this scent? Please say no, because otherwise I would be nasally challenged and that's not good.

New Job Update

People keep asking me, "So, how are you liking your new job, etc etc?" and I never quite know what to say. It's a good job, sure, but the work is pretty much the same as it was in the old job, only since I don't have a "beat" yet, I'm doing all sorts of things from fashion shows to Finnish artists. Which is nice, because very day is like a grab bag, you never know who you're going to meet. But it's also not so nice because since you're doing so many different things, you don't have a chance to be familiar with one beat and so you come off looking ignorant a lot of the time. But yes, New Job is great fun, thank you for asking.

The Name Dropper

Some people ask me why I never actively write about the people who read this blog. So this is my acknowledgment. Yes, I know you know me in real life and I know you read my blog. But see, the purpose of anonymity, whatever few shreds I have left, will all fall away from me if I keep making references to you. Just this once however, here are a list of people I know in real life and who read my blog and who are friends of mine. Leela (you picked your name yourself, so you had better recognise it), Devyani (Hello!), Nitya (I don't know whether you read this yet, but if you do, hi), Y'all know Dee (Happy Birthday!), Samit (See, tolja I would mention you), Ash, Shiva and GSB in Mumbai, though I don't know whether she still reads this. If there's anyone else I know in real life who's reading this, please let me know. As for the rest of you, feel honoured. Very honoured.

Egads! That would be wizard!

Ladies and gentlemen, I move that we bring some long-neglected members of the English language out to the forefront. Instead of 'cool' say 'Smashing!'; instead of 'Oh, fuck' say 'Zounds'; instead of 'flirt/prick tease' say 'coquette'. No, seriously, how absolutely smashing would it be to say "Zounds! Foiled again!" It just conjures up so much that "Oh, fuck" can never do. I'm going to. :)

Lines in the defense of smokers

You know, smoking has gotten a lot of bad press. I know, I know, it's harmful and all that, but is that any reason to ostracise smokers? If you prick us, will we not bleed? I happen to like the smell of cigarette smoke, I also think that smoking, if done properly, can look very sexy. And plus, you're lot more likely to die through passive smoking anyway. So yay for smokers! Hah!

Happy Republic Day, people.


  1. :)
    smell of sex, i dunno... but erm... oh well, forget it.:)

  2. The smell of sex..reminds me of pheromones..apart from deos mingling eM, what abt the mingling and tingling of body odour!!! imagine smelling of somebody else's sweat!

    And how merciful thou art that thou hast deemed it fit to dedicate a few lines to the zounded art of smoking..we smokers get such a lot of criticism from our kindred hither and thither that it joys my heart to see thou so deposed.

    Fare thou well..



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