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13 January 2005

Nope, I'm not home yet

But since Pieces is sure she has jaundice (a lot of it going around Mumbai right about now, in fact Bombay Times even carried a story about Kim Sharma's recent bout. "It was horrible. I had no social life," said the petite model.) I have spent the entire day at home, just now bestirring myself from in front of the TV and Creole Calamari (yum) to walk down to the market and find a cyber cafe.
Okay, quick brief, since I'm here and all.; The longer Mumbai trip entry will be done later, I promise.

> Last night I went clubbing to a place called Polly Esther, got very drunk and flirted madly with 19-year-old whippersnapper. Said Whippersnapper is coming by later tonight to take me for a "drive and coffee"! Unless terms have changed very much since I was a teenager, I'm guessing drive and coffee still means someone's hitting on me?

> I haven't really done much shopping. Picked up Dee's birthday prezzie, looked around for a replacement belly ring but no luck. I wanted to visit the Strand bookstore while I was here, but Pieces is ill and I don't think I have what it takes to brave the local trains alone.

> Ooh, went to Prithvi Theatre. But it was , blah, shut. But I did lech at the pretty lanterns that hung all around it, eavesdropped on a rehearsal and sat in the shady courtyard cafeteria, feeling very arty.

> Still haven't ridden on one of those doubledecker buses though.

> I've eaten like a pig---beef steak, sea food, Thai---I feel very, very sluggish right now, and that combating with my ferocious hangover, is just not pretty.

> And the autos have UV lights! Very cool.

Ya, I think that's about it. More on Whippersnapper and my very brief "holiday romance" later!


  1. Ooh Goodie goodie!!!
    Come home soon. I miss you oodles. Have been sick... cough, cold and fever. Not a pretty sight, I tell you. Am now on antibiotics. Good news is, I got my voice back. Am babysitting a cat o'er the weekend but after, we have to meet n gossip.
    hug hug, kiss kiss.

  2. *Gasp* You cradle snatcher! Leave that poor innocent boy alone !


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