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20 January 2005

Some of life's mysteries that I've never been able to figure out

1) Why the lane next to me always has traffic moving at the speed of light, but the one I'm in doesn't look like it's going anywhere for the next three hundred thousand years.

2) Why men are so obsessed with breasts. And lesbians.

3) Why some people don't drink. Or smoke. Or have sex.

4) Why exactly my hands smell of a posh men's cologne right now, when I haven't had ANY interaction with the opposite sex for a while. ( Oh wait, I figured out the answer. I was just at TC, and shanking many hands, that's probably it)

5) Why when guys screw around they're called "players" but when women do it, they're "skanks".

6) Why women always want men who they can't have, or who are physically or emotionally unavailable.

7) Why *blush* I like reading Baby Sitter's Club books obsessively, to the point of passion. (But if you know me in real life, you are NOT to mention this)

8) What does 'go with the flow' mean anyway?

9) Why there is no magic answer to all the questions like who am I and what am I doing here.

10) Why there is no magic.

11) Why I have to start at the bottom and work my way up to the top.

12) Why I feel the need to chronicle my life and my inner mental workings to an audience. Am I that self-obssessed? Apparently.

13) Why my friends still like me, even after I practically ignored them for the two-and-a-half years that K and I were together. Why new people still enjoy talking to me, when it's apparent I have nothing of interest to say.

14) Why I'm so full of self-pity and loathing at times, especially after I drink, that I make me sick.

15) Why we, as a human race, need affirmation, that we're good people.

16) Why I confess, compulsively.


  1. 1) That's what the three thousand year old man in the other lane's thinking about you.

    2) It's feminine. And lesbians, countrary to other people's theories about how men like to imagine that the lesbians would result in a threesome, I think it's rather sweet, myself.

    3) I don't drink, or smoke. I did have sex at least twice. Babies!!!

    4) Hm.

    5) Double standard, I agree.

    6) I can't say. They made me swear not to tell.

    7) Nostalgia?

    8) If you're flowing down the river over a waterfall, might as well enjoy the ride?

    9) There is. But if you ever found it, you'd be tremendously bored and cease to lead an existence full of suprises and emotion.

    10) Tell David Copperfield that.

    11) Yeah, that blows. Sucks more when there's a low ceiling.

    12) I don't know what you're talking about.

    13) Cause you're cool!

    14) Don't drink when you're in a bad mood. Self pity is already bad enough when you're sober.

    15) Otherwise choas and disorder will rule the earth. File under "religion" as well.

    16) Because we all need to know that the world gives a care about us. And we do!

    Boy, I found some time.

  2. Girl, exactly who's hand were you "shanking" after I left?!! And don't you dare change that typo and remove this comment. You wouldn't be that cruel to someone who likes you and enjoys talking to you, now would you?!

    Also, women who screw around are not called skanks. I was explaining this to that NIFT chick yesterday (you guys were taling about me, I heard you, what did she say about me not looking all LSRee?) a "skank" or "skanky woman", though often considered sexually promiscuous, is not called so because of said promiscuity, but because she seems to have picked up all sorts of diseases on the way, and has an overt or covert lack of hygeine. What you mean, really, is that while men are called players, women are called sluts :)

    Also, it isn't just the men who're obsessed with lesbians (LOL). Happy shanking!!!

  3. whoa!!!and so am i!!a compulsive confessor, i mean...and hey, if you manage to get the answer to that, do let me know??

  4. EM,very valid questions :-)

    Ans 1 ) Murphy's Law?
    Ans 2) Breasts are just sexy that's why!! But, that's only part of the story!As for lesbians..well....
    Ans 4) Shanking??? That's something I gotta learn about.

    Never was very good with questions about I wont bother with the others ..

    Liked this one as well!

    Take care


  5. Well darling, the lesbian thing I'd have to say is similar to why we like slash. Remember when I demanded that Shrimoy explain it to us and he just sort of spluttered and thought and ended up not answering? *grin*


    My friends and I read all the first hundred and twent y five books in two years, and used to call each other Mary Anne and " that is SO Kristy" in Tenth Grade.

    : D

    I can't believe you liked them too! :)


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