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5 March 2005

It's The Time To Disco!

The weekend promises to be madness already. Actually, I have been partying steadily since Thursday. Or, wait, make that Wednesday.
Right, quick recap.
Wednesday night, went to (where else?) TC with Pieces and Iggy and a few other friends from college. It was full on p3p night--celebrities spotted were Barkha Dutt and Suhel Seth holding court in the center of the proceedings. Suhel Seth deigned to stoop to my level, even flirted with me a little, the old bastard and by the end of it all was so effusive that I quickly-quickly did some cleavage protection with one arm, while smiling at him charmingly and trying to wriggle out of his rather all-over-the-place embrace. That's the second reference I've made to Suhel Seth on this blog, and frankly I'm quite surprised. I see so much of him on the party pages of newspapers that I really, truly wasn't going to mention him here at all. Even the party pages have gotten quite sick of him recently, so I haven't spotted him anywhere for a while. Unless it's a quote story and you know the reporter is kinda desperate and is calling up the entire world to figure out what their take on Sting is, then you see him popping up, next to a mug-shot and to be fair, a reasonably intellegent remark. Oh well, in the spirit of honesty, a girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do. Question: why are people flirting with me these days? No, not as compliment-fishy a statement as it sounds. I'm just surprised because over the last couple of days I've been receiving a LOT of male attention and this is suprising, coz I've never looked so terrible. My hair is overgrown, I badly need a haircut, I have the first signs of a zit and at all these parties and things, I'm usually coming straight from work so I'm not all haltered and cleavaged. Men are in essence, wierd, she said despairingly.

Anyway, back to Wednesday night. I proceeded to get very, very drunk, but that was okay, because the rest of my friends did too. And a blast from the past made an appearance--a really old school friend of mine called Yash, called me up right out of the blue and asked me what I was doing. Yash studies abroad, now he's working with some big-shot bank in the States and we had a falling out a couple of years ago. See, he was dating Iggy, and I had played matchmaker with this thing, because he used to have a crush on me and I felt kind of guilty about turning him down so I fixed him up. Iggy and he were doing brilliantly, only he decided to cheat on her and she had an inkling of this and so she asked me to ask a few subtle questions. So I did, but apparently the questions were not so subtle because we had a major, major fight ending up with him calling me a stalker and me going "Abbawibbawibba" because I didn't know what to say. Fast-forward to the present, we wound up having a REALLY good time, we bonded totally, only I think he bonded more with the Iggy because the two of them left to drop her home without so much as a by-your-leave. And they've been having dinner and drinks and coffee. Humph. Oh well, at least I am included in tonight's plans which involve Elevate, a place I have heard many things about but never really been. I'll blog about that on Sunday, okay?

Wednesday night was also memorable because Pieces ingested many vodka-Red Bulls, and dude, the ads are right coz it really does "give you wings". She had six and as a result didn't get any sleep till 9.30 the next morning.
Right, on to Thursday.
Thursday night I went to Olive for a fashion show for work. Six designers were showing their stuff and I was throwing a tantrum because I'm really not a fashion-type journalist. I've always condescended to their kind, thinking of them as slightly empty-headed, but here I was, stuck covering my third or fourth fashion event with models waving at me and designers saying, "Hi, how're you?" ad nauseam. Also, if that wasn't enough, I was given a talk on fashion as a sociological phenomenon, by another journo, which was all very nice and interesting, only I kinda ran out of ways to respond and started saying, "Uh huh" till I noticed he wasn't really paying attention to my responses, just waiting for me to finish so he could carry on. Still, it must be said, I did learn quite a bit in that half-an-hour conversation.

Phew. Finally, Friday.
Friday I first stopped by at yet another fashion show at Athena, this time. I like Athena, so I wasn't really complaining, only my invite said 8 pm and so I showed up at 8.30. What time did it start, you ask? Um... try ten. Anyway, anorexic-women-sashaying-down-ramp-and-designers-talking-about-floral-imagery yada, yada, yada and then I finished and ran to Timir's house, Timir being the only one of my ex-boyfriends I'm still friends with and for whom I manage a strong affection. We were dating when I was about 19, had a brief bonus night a couple of months ago, already reached the stage where we can laugh about it and it was his birthday and he called and said "Come" so I did. The party was great fun, only Timir insisted on saying "Meet my ex-girlfriend" to everyone. Despite that, or perhaps because of it, I managed to meet quite a few interesting people, including a brother-sister duo. The sister spoke to me about books, the brother told me I had a lovely smile (giggle, giggle. Okay, enough using this post as an ego trip. Actually, WTF, it's MY blog, innit?) Anyway, I had a fantastic time there, despite knowing no-one, the ex and I chatted about our respective love lives and each found the others very funny.

Right so that was my almost-weekend round up, just a way of letting you know what's been going on and also perhaps a way to excuse myself for not posting for so long! Stay tuned for Saturday and Sunday, I'm pretty sure those are going to be hectic also.

Oh and ooh! Devyani returns soon! Our little East Delhi trio will be complete again. Happy thoughts : )


  1. Oi eM, sounds like the rough draft of 'Socialite Evenings'. Well, it's your job, and you seem to be enjoying it. Power to you gal.

  2. kumquat sounds a little like sasquatch, no?

  3. Hello eM,
    I'm the tiny squeaky voice of your conscience. AKA the ghost of resoultions past. Do you remember an ickle wickle conversation we had about taking time out for oneself and enjoying one's own company? Reading, and writing and thinking and retrospecting and introspecting?
    So, um, how's that going? Hmm? Deleted it like certain rude comments on our blog, have we?
    Just a nudge :) Love you anyway, n you know that.


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