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20 March 2005

Things That I Thunk

a) That my best friends never demand any more out of me than I can give. That even though they all don't always get along with each other, they are each brilliant special women and I am lucky to know them.

b) That not all friends are best friends. That you can be mistaken about a few. That it's not okay to trust everyone indiscriminatingly.

c) That any song can be dirty-meaning-ified. Like Like A Prayer (I'm down on my knees/I'm gonna take you there/In the midnight hour/ I can feel your power) and even A Whole New World (Indescribable feelings/Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling) and ooh, obviously, Your Body's A Wonderland (You know it's a big enough umbrella/But it's always her that ends up getting wet)

d) That my favourite sleeping t-shirt has such huge holes on it, that I only noticed when I put it on, that it will have to be thrown away.

e) That the internet is possibly the world's best invention. After the telephone.

f) That I haven't laughed out loud in the longest time. Or ran. Or surrendered to any feeling.

g) That ooh, my first national byline came today and I'm ecstatic about it : )

h) That boys are strange and eerie creatures--who only look innocent and humanoid, but really, they're not and they're just trying to take over your mind.

i) That Holi is next weekend and that means an entire Saturday off will be wasted sitting at home hiding from the colours and the water.

j) That I really should go to GFO and do some shopping coz they have excellent stuff. That I really should go shopping, period, because my summer wardrobe is empty.

k) That this book will be this year's The Curious Incident Of A Dog At Nighttime. And I read the uncorrected proof copy. Yay for journo mom! :)

l) That I stand corrected and previously mentioned Scandinavian country wasn't really Scandinavian but East European and now it's time to STOP the teasing, coz, c'mon I've made a public admission and what more do you want from me, Flirty Pole?


  1. eM,

    Congrats on ur first national must feel really great!!

    As for the T shirt part, its the same like the t shirt so much that you end up wearing it all the time..and then u wear it out!


    Ps: I came first!!!!!

  2. Thank you, thank you for congratulations! :)
    And yeah, the fate of the t-shirt is now as a car rag. Let's take a moment of silence, please

  3. Congrats to you!

    c) After obsessively singing "Darling Nikki" by Prince over and over again as an innocent sixth grader, I now automatically think every song is dirty-meaning-fied.

    e) The internet rocks! Where else can I can find pillows, pants, and porn all from the comfort of my basement.

    f) I don't run unless I'm chased.

    l) "Flirty pole"...details baby, details. (My favorite quote from The Crying Game)

  4. Points a) and b) remind me of the story of the sparrow. Sparrow got caught in a blizzard and fell to the ground freezing. Seeing it close to death, a cow came and dumped dung over it. The sparrow, covered with dung and feelign warm, regained consciousness and cried for help. A cat came and pulled the sparrow out and ate it.

    Two morals:

    a) Not everybody who gives you crap is your enemy.
    b) Not everybody who pulls you out of crap is a friend.


  5. Ooh new people! I love new people! :)

    Mia: Yes, but see he was the only one teasing me, so it's not so bad :) And the story was an interview with the author Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, i don't know whether you've heard of her.

    Mint: Thank you, thank you! Incidentally, WHY were you obsessively singing Prince of all people? And Flirty Pole prefers to remain unidentified at the moment, though of course, if he feels like showing himself, he's welcome to. :)

    Anurag: That's a good story. Only, people who crap on you usually aren't your friends no?

  6. Hmm... holey tshirt.. me wanna see me wanna see !!!

    Congratulations... Im trying to google for it.. but it aint coming up ? Help !

    Talking about songs that can be dirty-meaning-ified... Secret Garden by Springstein ? I could never listen to that song without thinking of a ....

  7. Dear eM, if you 'haven't laughed out loud in the longest time. Or ran. Or surrendered to any feeling.', then you shouldn't probably be letting your 'entire Saturday off wasted sitting at home hiding from the colours and the water.' It's a great opportunity to catch up on abandon.

    And Vignesh, that's probably 'cos you've also read 'My Secret Garden' by Nancy Friday, eh?

  8. Nancy Friday... hmmm.. I read My Mother/Myself, but I believe the rest is a little better than soft porn :)


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