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15 April 2005

All my baaaaaaaaaaaags are packed, I'm ready to go

No I'm not dead.

Or worse, absconding.

I've just had a terrible case of writer's block--made worse by the fact that since I do write for a living and all, I put in all my energy there--and usually there is some excess energy/creativity that I slough off here, but I seem to have run out of my quota.

So the other day I go into work and check my office mail and I have like five different messages from people I don't know. So I read them and it turns out I'm being sent on a junket.

So hurrah, I think and trot off to find out more details.

The good news: It's Nainital! I'm going to Nainital, which should be at least five degrees cooler than the soup pot (or rasam bowl, if we're being vernacular) that I live in. And the last time I went to Nainital was with a friend and her parents when we were about sixteen and I swear to god we saw this guy who looked exactly, but exactly like Peter Andre. (Hey, he was pretty hot. And Mysterious Girl had just released.)

The bad news: I'm being sent to cover a *gasp* golf tournament. What do I know about golf? Very little, but I suspect I will know more by the end of this weekend. Hell, I once dated a golfer and hung out with his golfer friends, how hard could this be? And I'll carry something to read, for when they're walking the course. or putting, or whichever it is they don't like to be talked to during.

So I leave tomorrow morning and I'm back Sunday evening. Which means I have tomorrow evening to putter around (hey, check out my cool golf pun back there!) Nainital and look for Peter Andre-lookalikes. And candles in the shape of fruits, which my colleague assures me are found plentifully in Nainital and for which I have already taken many orders.

And maybe I'll come back with lots of good stories for you :) Keep fingers crossed!


  1. This post shows us many things:

    i) Guys like any sport. I have played Golf only twice in my life and I stayed up till 4:00 AM last year to watch the US Master's playoff.

    ii) Girls don't. I stayed up alone till 4:00 AM last year. My wife gave me a weird look that had i-wish-i-knew-these-traits-of-this-weirdo-before-i-said-i-do written all over it.

    iii) People generalize. It is called the post-hoc fallacy I think. Or some other cool sounding name. What it means is that if A happens before B then it is fallacious to assume that A is the cause of B. OK, by now I have lost the thought which brought up this fallacy but I had a point somewhere. Maybe it will come back to me before you return.


  2. Hope you have a great trip eM :)

  3. Hey eM!
    Have a great trip! Hope you enjoy yourself. I am sure you will have many interesting stories to tell us, once you are back.

    And hey! While you are busy keeping an eye out for the look-alikes and the fruit-shaped-candles, do remember to cover the golf tournament! :-D
    He He He... Just kidding. I hope you didn't mind that. Ok. Take care, then. Enjoy!

    I love that statement you have made about causality. Am curious to know what thought brought that up. :-)

  4. Hey.
    Good luck with the golf thingie. i thought you were leaving tonight, for some strange reason.
    You shoulda hopped along to a tantra outlet and bought this t-shirt which has a sardar in shorts on the golf course, and the subtitle "Punjab da Putter" :)
    Got it for me dad some years ago.

  5. Haha !! Golf again.. hope you have nice(r) shoes on this time ;)

    And since we arent going to hear from you till Sunday, we all might as well talk with Anurag.

    Dude ! I have the video of Tiger's most-amazing-shot-Ive-ever-seen chip on the 16th ! Bloody awesome stuff !!

  6. Whoa! I don't get so many replies to my statements on my own blog. Goes on to show how popular eM's blog is. I will publish my posts as comments on her blog from now on. :))

  7. golf is an idiotic game. i have NO idea why people watch it. i have no problem if people watch REAL sports like tennis.

  8. I just stayed at a golf resort and there were people playing at freaking 6am. There is no sport out there that is worth playing at bloody 6am.

    Have a great trip eM!

  9. Hello, hello. Am back, but too tired for full post just now, so I'm only going to respond to comments:

    Anurag: Very sexist statement, I must say! My colleague actually was supposed to go on this trip, but couldn't, but she likes EVERY SINGLE SPORT. so hah! Oh, and please explain item (iii)!

    Anon: Thanks! Stay tuned for detailed description of my trip! :)

    Mandar: Unfortunately, I ONLY had time for the golf. No Peter Andre-ing, no candles. :(

    Dee: I heart Tantra t-shirts! Go K one once, with a picture of a thief crossed out with the slogan: Say No To Thugs.

    Vignesh, Anurag: Sports discussions, OUTSIDE please!

    Vishnupriya: I totally agree! I'm all for polo... hot men on hot horses.. mmmm

    Mint: Yeah. Try from 7 am to 5 in the bloody evening. With hapless reporter staying on and yawning.


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