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12 April 2005

And orange really doesn't rhyme with anything at all...

Because I have many things I want to talk about and not enough time to do full-on blog entries for each.

First I have a new haircut. I mean, well, not a new haircut, because there's only so much you can do with three inches of hair, but I told the hairdresser to make it thinner and shorter. I have very thick, very Malyali hair, so when I don't force it in the morning to sorta SIT DOWN ALREADY, it forms these wierd little spikes and tunnels and sticks out at angles for the rest of the day. Anyway, but new shorter haircut has left me with about an inch of hair on my head, and I just ran my fingers through it, and you can't even tell! I heart short hair. Seriously, everyone should do it. Get a haircut, I mean. I'm at present trying to figure out whether I look punk rock or Judi Dench. (Oh please, let it be punk rock)

Secondly, I normally don't blog about current events and such, still I must tell you this about the budget. (Okay, so it's ancient history now, but still) They've hiked up the prices on cigarettes and I read this and thought, "Oh they've hiked up the prices on cigarettes, so what's new" not comprehending that this was actually going to happen in real life, AND IT HAS!!!! My smokes are now two rupees more expensive, which may not sound like a big deal but it all adds up at the end of the month and I'm miserable because of it. Maybe I should start smoking beedis since they (humph-bloody-old-PC) have stayed the same price. (I beg of you, don't even suggest that I give up smoking)

Thirdly, I promised Dee I would do this, so here goes. NDTV Profit is now auditioning for a brand new sitcom, sorta like Office but about a call centre. If you're interested, email me your resumes and portfolios and I will forward them to her. Don't worry, it's all very legit, and I have absolutely no interest in stalking anyone etc, so you totally should, if you're interested in acting, because it sounds like a fun show.

Fourthly, Nitya has left town for three months to go to the Isstates for an assignment with work and she's going to have some party-type lifestyle in New Jersey and I'm very very jealous. Devyani will leave soon too, and wah that leaves only me, here, stuck in Delhi. : (

Fifthly, I know a lot of people I know read this thing, and I'm suddenly very curious, so if you know me in real life, please leave a comment saying you do, I mean, not with my "real" name or anything, but just so I can do a headcount. Please?

Sixthly, I've just revamped my Yahoo avatar and she is now a major hottie. Seriously, I wish I looked like her in real life. I've given her a white tank top, a pink belt, short hair and a city-at-night background. I want to be my Yahoo avatar, with big, blinking eyes and a body to die for.

Seventhly, my mum's back from Kashmir, and she bought me a leather jhola, two pairs of earrings and the most beautiful pashmina stole. It's purple. And soft. And so light, it feels like you're wearing nothing at all.

Um, yeah, I think that's it.


  1. eM: "Headcount...!!"
    Me: "One!" *points at own head*

    Btw, we're looking for actors who're either based in Delhi or willing to relocate. Send eM you're performance resumes and a recent picture. You need to be bilingual, as this'll be shot in hindi for NDTV India and in english for NDTV Profit. Its gonna be on air four days a week, and casting end soon, so act NOW (get it? get it?!!)

    < /job pimping >


  2. 1. Good fer ya ! I hope its not Judy Dench either, but then again, older people and me... ;)

    2. I don't smoke much, so I really don't care. And beedis are good for you, so you should make the move to that, soon !

    3. Are they making anything based in Blore ?

    4. Hmm... party-type lifestyle in New Jersey ? Hmmmm.. that might prove to be quite difficult ;)

    5. Yeah ! Thats one way to pump up the comment count I guess !!

    6. I was waiting for the poetry...

    7. I never understood why they call it a stole... its so light, you wouldnt even know if someone stole it ?

    dweedydweeybbb.. thats all folks !!

  3. we probably passed each other in the 6th floor lobby at Videocon Towers... or the elevator... or Gupta's... so does that count :-)

  4. And if you passed Motheater in the lobby, or the elevator or at Gupta's then you passed me too. Though I was mostly in the parking lot trying to wangle rides home.

  5. eM:

    Thick mal hair is better than fastly and furiously thinning mal hair :-(

    And abt the cigarettes, I completely empathise with u. It was 1.25 when I started and its 2.50 now..beedis are ok if u like the hollow cheeks and the really bad taste in ur mouth bit..we used to get a brand called dinesh beedis when we were down and washed out in college. Hang on in there eM


  6. Wat's the matter with u guys? I like Judy Dench. Especially as EM (ha ha, eM, it's even better than a pun) in recent Bond movies, and more recently, in Riddick Chronicles, the Diesel flick, as an elemental (Oh she can appear from and disappear into thin air). She is super cool

  7. do i know you in real life?....
    i figured out your do i count as another head?
    maybe ?....maybe not...!

  8. Well we do bump into each other in all those page 3 parties

  9. Nothing (pronounced correctly) rhymes with orange.

    Sadly, I'm not part of your headcount. But now when I picture you all I can imagine is Judy Dench as Elizabeth I in Shakespeare in Love.

  10. Hello,hello! Such a lovely lot of heads too :)

    Dee, babe, I KNOW you know me in real life. And if you read the post REEEEEEEL carefully, you might even see your name! TC wednesday's still happening, no?

    Vignesh (and others since I thought of it) Is it not judI dench as opposed to JudY dench? Just wondering.

    Motheater: I'm wondering. Because technically, we don't know what the other looks like. So I've filled in a face with hair and everything, just a big question mark where the features ought to be.

    Mangs: I was often in the parking lot too. Trying to sweettalk the attendants into unparking my car in this century.

    Pleomorphus: There will be no anti-smoking cracks on this blog, d'you hear me? If this blog was an actual place, you probably wouldn't be able to see people's faces for all the smoke :)

    Shain: Why hollow cheeks? Bitter taste I can understand...

    Manish: Very cool pun! *applauds and gives you Punster Of The Day hat*

    Satya: Hmmm.. call centre? I have a couple of acquaintances in call centres! And nope, not Davidoff, a lovely brand called Wills Silk Cut!
    (Or Boro's if I'm feeling richer)

    Nilanjan: Hmm.. don't really think knwoing my name counts, but what the hell! Headcount!
    AB: Once. At that crappy insallation do in the middle of nowhere! With NO p3ps! :) But you, now , YOU are my only legit headcount person. (And, you of course, Dee!)
    Mint Chutney: Noooooooooooooooooo! Not Jud (i? y?) Dench!!!

  11. it's Judi Dench. She's a Dame so we are required by the monarchy to get her name right.

  12. New Jersey's party scene sucks big time...if she's at north new jersey then she'll have a great party scene in NYC.

  13. hey em,

    didn't realise you were mallu. i can empathise about the hair too. i'm sure we know people in common.


  14. Hollow cheeks cause you have to suck (no pun intended here) damn hard at the darn thing to get a good amount of smoke inside you..and if you keep doing this over many years, you get those lovely hollow cheeks..most hard core beedi smokers hav them eM (wow! that rhymes!)


  15. Na, I am not part of the headcount, may be Google might help, it usually does! :)
    I got a haircut too the last weekend, decided to indulge myself and went to one of those 'posh' places, she clearly didn't approve of the state of hair as it were and my high risk averseness, needles to say I look just the same! :)

  16. Mint: Thank you! *sticks tongue out at everybody* See! Judi Dench :)

    Anon: What I meant was that for the first time, coming from such a strict family and all, she'll be on her own, in a new country and probably will live it up, even if she was in.. um... Des Moines?

    RS: Yeah, half-Mallu, and with all the worst characteristics of theirs too! (I had to have braces for some five years!)

    Pleo: I'm just sticking to 'pleo' now, it's safer.

    Shain: Hmmm.. I've ALWAYS wanted hollow cheeks. Maybe beedi smoking IS the way to go.

    Primalsoup: No-one can tell I've had a haircut either. Humph.

  17. hey :) you very kindly gave me a lift the other week, so that's another head for you. am fast turning into a fan also; your blog is delightful!

  18. I found the post very funny even though you just listed a bunch of things that happened to you and were not trying ot be funny - if I was a girl and sixteen I would have said shoo shueeeet :) cheers.

  19. Tamara: Hi! I didn't know you actually registered the whole blog conversation we had the other day :) But thank you, thank you :)

    Sagnik: It's the irony of my life that people think I'm funny when I'm not really trying to be! Oh well, better funny than ridiculously morbid, no?

  20. For your headcount poll.....I stumbled upon your writing by way of a summer co-op of mine....I live in a university town in midwestern USA and make my living working for GE as a manufacturing engineer...(I am 40-something, single and oh yeah, I've been married at least once and broken hearted more times than I care to remember (by former husbands, lovers and corporate america!!). You are very insightful for your age.....Dee

  21. Dee 2 (because there already is another Dee): Thanks so much.. I had no idea this thing was being read by such a wide variety of people. It's a little scary really, because now I have performance anxiety! *goes and hides*

  22. Hey,

    I think you can make most words rhyme. Take for example, the following doggerel:

    Behold the colourful fruit...
    look at the beautiful orange!
    If an eagle tries to snatch it...
    Keep it out of the bird's claw range.

    There! I know it sucks, but it rhymes.


  23. im not sixteen, but i say cho chweet anyway. and hey, id love to see your yahoo avatar. maybe id be able to guess what you like like from that. customised avatars dont have enough options for me :(

  24. Present, Ma'am.

    But seriously, I don't think this headcount business works in the long run. There'll always be more people visiting your blog than you know. Much better to continue rambling/confessing/pontificating without performance anxiety.

  25. Count another stranger head. Love this blog.

  26. Since you asked, count my head in. Just found this recently, figured I knew who you were though I've never met you...weird that I'm friends with your mom. :)
    I like reading you..

  27. heard abt ur blog while watching ndtv...
    later gone through ur blog
    found it interesting can say a full masti blog
    read almost all ur articles without ny interruption
    have refereed to sum of my frnds
    looking for more mastiful blogs....


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