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22 April 2005

And I am floored, but I am cleaning up so well, I am seeing in me now, the things you swore you saw yourself

Ooh, just saw Hitch. What an incredible movie! It's the usual, sappy romantic thing, but really, really well made with a sharp script and great lines. And it reaffirmed my belief that there is really someone for everyone and if you truly feel strongly about someone, it won't matter how much you've been hurt before. Really. Go watch it.
In uzzer news, Lakme India Fashion Week is occuring as we speak. Well, I think the last show's probably over by now, but the Week has just begun. Nope, I'm not a part of it--damn--the one fashion show I want to attend and I'm not reporting.

Are you boring in bed asks my email and I look at it and sigh. I fear very greatly that I am. Not that anyone's ever said so, of course, but then would you tell someone you've just slept with that they're boring? I think not. Speaking of boring in bed, my great excitement these days is the fact that I've just downloaded imesh to go with Kazaa to download music. It's really cool and has some excellent songs and if you think Kazaa is limited, you should use both together. I don't know what that had to do with sex or with being boring, but it seemed to go in the same paragraph.

I went to TC last night with a whole lot of people. Well, technically I didn't GO with a whole lot of people, but since many people I knew were there, I sorta wound up hanging with them all. I met the Iggy, who is ecstatic at New Love Of Her Life and couldn't stop smiling dreamily over her beer, stopping only to fill me in on more details about Wonder Boy. And Tanya, whose boyfriend's in town and who also smiled dreamily through most conversations. I feel all old and cynical around these young dreamy types and I offered sage advice and many, Yay! Good for you's. I also met Golfer Ex, looking and smelling very dapper, who offered to buy me a drink just as I was leaving. "I can't," I told him wistfully, some of the dreaminess rubbing off, so he walked me to my car and said something about booty calls and I laughed and told him I'd let him know.

Speaking of exes (and this time the 'speaking of' is really relevant, I promise you), K called me this morning. I was feeling very blue and grouchy and nobody-loves-me and I guess he heard it in my voice, because he said, "What happened?" in tones of utmost concern. I almost started bawling right there but I didn't, giving myself a moment before I laughed a little shrill-ly and said, "No, no, just one of those days." It was a good conversation, though, one of the best we've had since we broke up, no mindfucks at all. Anyway, so the reason I went to Hitch in the first place was because I was feeling like shit this morning, Oscar The Grouch meets Madam PMS and I really, really needed to do something before I went mad. So I called Priya, who's always up for a plan and she brought Kabir and the three of us had a really good time--throwing popcorn around, laughing at Will Smith (who, by the way, looks yummy in his role as a commitmentphobe date doctor) and stopping off at this great shop in Centrestage Mall called Punk, which sells heavy metal accessories. They have a mens urinal mounted and filled with rings. Very cool but a little wierd to reach your hand into!


  1. i've heard a few people complain that kazaa and imesh bring in a lot of spyware. i've tried kazaa myself... and sure it brings in a load of spyware. don't know about imesh, though. so, just a be a bit wary of that, eM.

  2. Abstract: Youthful optimism indeed! Did you not SEE the part about feeling all aged and cynical a few paras down? Will check out winmx if imesh doesn't meet my high demands--only I'm running out of songs to download! :)

  3. Mandar : Your comment must've come in when I was replying. I've used Kazaa for a while and no spyware yet. Actually, I'm not very sure what spyware is, but it doesn't sound very nice.

  4. Wow! You are really hurting these days, aren't you? My advice -- if you can stomach him, read Wodehouse. It is the only thing which cheered me up when I was going through what you are.

    Haven't downloaded music in the longest time. I don't even know what format they listen to these days.

    Not related, but I hope it cheers you up:

    Mother hen catches her kids really misbehaing. So she tells them, "If your dad could see you now, he would turn over in his gravy."

    Over and out.

  5. Running out of songs to download? How is that possible? Try these:

    1) O Brother where art thou sondtrack
    2) Creedence Clearwater Revival songs -- soft rock. Try Susie Q and Proud Mary
    3) Rolling Stones -- Can't you hear me knocking?

    You may not like them, but worth a try.

  6. Okay why is everyone commenting just as I reply to the last one? :)

    Anurag: Thanks. It's odd that you should think I've been low lately, because, even though I have, I thought my posts were pretty cheery. No Wodehouse for me, though, currently I'm in The Geographer's Library and the new Artemis Fowl. Both nice. Oh, and have set all your songs on download--I hope they're good, buddy! :)

  7. @eM
    a spyware is a program that stealthily monitors all your actions... some of them may be used to hack some worms into systems. u know u have spyware when u suddenly start seeing unwanted browser-window pop-ups and too many "free trip to the hawaii islands!!" banners (one or two, here and there, is normal). basically, when ur system starts behaving like a 16 year old imp, there may be a chance that your system has spyware on it. ;-)
    anyways, i was using a very old version of "kazaa lite k++". may be u r using some other flavor or version.

    i am still ROTFL, man! that joke... wow! :-)

  8. em, I can send you a whole list of songs to download. While you are downloading, try thse also:

    o Paul Simon - Cathy's song
    o Collective Soul - December
    o Collective Soul - Shine
    o Barenaked ladies - If I had a million Dollars
    o Barenaked ladies - one week
    o Dave Matthews Band - Stay
    o Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - O Darling (little jazzy)

    Well, I must say your post have tried to appear cheery. But deep down they seem pretty blue to me. Maybe I am imagining things.

  9. Last post before I absolutely pass out: I love the title of the post. Very creative, very poetic.

  10. eM, have you tried mark knopfler? i strongly recommend 'money for nothing' by him. also, may be 'nyah' by hans zimmer (feat. heitor perei). i love these tracks. try them... that's if u haven't, already. :-D

  11. Well, what do you know? I'm back.

    Madar: Hans Zimmer is terrific. Also try, by Hans Zimmer, the whole soundtrack from Black Hawk Down.

  12. @anurag
    hey! thanks, man. sure, i'll try 'em some time. :-)

  13. Okay, last comment-reply before I pass out, come what may:

    MandarThanks for song suggestions! And no, I haven't got any wierd pop-ups, so I don't think that spyware is a problem.

    Anurag: Can't take credit for the title, it's from Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional, a brilliant song and, hey, something YOU should download! I try to put song lyrics as post headers as often as I can, I don't know whether you've ever noticed. :)

    Hey, and thanks to you guys I have a nice long list of songs waiting. Yay!

  14. Wonder how it feels when an ex calls! My ex would never do that..heck she didnt even reply to my offline messages leave alone mails!

    As for music..lesseee..
    coldplay??you gotta listen to green eyes and yellow by them
    ..and try
    Superman by Five for Fighting..

    I donno whether u'd be able to download this last one but hey it's worth it!!

    And anurag, that chicken joke ws HOWLARIOUS!

  15. i dunno how, but exes just manage to get under your skin. either by doing something, or by doing nothing.

  16. Satya: Ooh, you were at TC too? What a small, small world! :)

    Everyman: Yeah, it feels wierd when they call. You don't know what to say and what not to.

    Vishnupriya: I totally agree with you. AAAAARGH.

  17. how cool. i just posted my comment and i check back and see a reply.

    i just noticed your comment on my blog. thank you for visiting :)

    and yeah, i know someone who also thought kissing=babies. i guess everyone knows someone like that.

  18. Call it fellow feeling or the need to crib (wrt the Lakme fashion thingie). Imagine being sent to cover every fucking event, even the most insignificant ones, and then when the one big thing happens in town, you sit in office and act like the others' PA:(

  19. Vishnupriya: The instant magic of the net age, my friend!

    AB: Tell me about it. We should get together and get very drunk and bitch about LIFW!

  20. I see you have joined the team. Welcome, my child.

  21. I second your recommendation on 'Hitch'. I thought it was pretty cool too :)Hope u are feeling better today.

  22. Gamesmaster: Team? What team? I don't know what you're talking about :)

    Sunrayz: Welcome back!!! Yes, feeling MUCH better today. Turned out to be PMS after all. I should know the warning signs by now, even get a t-shirt saying "PMS ALERT!"

  23. First of all, when I saw the title of your post the first thing I thought was "Dashboard Confessional!" I wish the video showed more of DC and less of Spiderman.

    I have a cold and I am PMSing. Just thought everyone would want to know.

  24. If I hadn't been away since Thursday, watching movies, cooking and watching plays, I would have suggested the same remedies that Anurag over there did. I ALWAYS have a Wodehouse handy. Works like a charm.

    And 'One Week' by BNL is one of the few songs I know all the words of and have even sung completely. In front of people. Who didn't get up and leave.

    I was actually expecting some scoops from ya about LIFW, but I guess I shouldn't be rubbing it in now ;)


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