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30 April 2005

Lines For The Man In The Office Pantry Who STILL Hasn't Brought Me Coffee

Who governs the man upstairs
I don't know if he sees me
I don't know if he cares
I ask him for coffee so many times
I even have minutes to think of these rhymes
Terrible poetry, I totally agree
But won't you feel a little sorry for me
All I want is some coffee to do my job well
With not too much milk, and please no onion smell
It's a small request, so stop being a tease
Coffee, coffee, coffee PLEASE!


  1. quite possibly the most appalling, vile attempt at a horrid parody of bad verse i have ever come across in my life.

  2. Been reading your blog for some time now. Addicitve, if I may say so. I think the anonymity is great. And this attempt at verse is even greater :)

  3. The Vogons would be proud. ;) You may like to read this which is in a similar vein. (courtesy my boy)

  4. I wonder what that man puts in the coffee there !!

    Anyhoo, you seem to be attracting quite a few 'admirers' of late... ;) Ensoi the attention while it lasts :)

  5. Anon: Why thank you. I aim, but, to please.

    N.A: Oooh, thanks :) I like the anonymity too... the poetry? Hmmm.. not so much, but I was feeling in a crazy mood.

    Padmini: That link is fantastic! I'm distantly related to the Vogons, didn't you know? And who's "your boy"? The poet?

    Vignesh: I fully intend to enjoy the attention. Why, are you jealous? :P

  6. ha ha ha... well written...
    thats hilarious. :-)

    and it does irritate when u r made to wait for eons for one damn cup of coffee. i empathise with u.

  7. i'm sorry... i have again commented after u have replied to all comments. but, i swear, thats not by (my) design. god's may be. :-D

  8. Yup, my boy = the poet. It's a fun site, that. I'm [diotina] on it, if it's of any interest.

  9. Mandar: Luckily this time, I only saw your comment in the morning :)
    But, yeah, I HATE waiting for my cuppa.

    padmini: Wow, you're dating a poet. Actually, hang on, wow, you ARE a poet! You're so cool. I wanna join too! :)

  10. Good one!

    I totally empathize, I normally go through days in office and alllocate time to work, bais one coffee to another! This before morning coffee, this before mid-morning one, blah blah:)

    And of course, I have pointed it out many times to the coffee man that he has dramatically reduced my life expectancy with the amount of sugar he adds to it. To which he retorts in much philosophical vein on how we are all dead in the long run, since then I just drink what he gives!

  11. I know that feeling...and we have a brand new coffee m/c. you cl;ikc the button, it will ground those beans for you, add milk and your cup floweth over :) Add sugar and you r good to go! Thank God! i don't hafta rely on offic eboys for coffee, tho we depend on them for the functioning of those vending m/cs.

    And Vogons or not i like the poetry. :)


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