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15 May 2005

Oh no, it's happened

It's got me.

Dooom, dooooooooooooooooooooooom.

Goodbye, cruel world.

Blogger burnout. I can't, can't, can't think up new posts.

This is it, isn't it? The end of the road for me?

Or maybe my life's just not exciting anymore. *deep sigh*

Hibernating if you need me.


  1. Sheesh.. for a second there I thought you got married or something :))

    And whats up with the my-life-is-so-boring talk from the woman whose partylife inspires us all ? That too such blasphemey on a Saturday !?!?

    Come now, eM. Write away.

  2. Agree with Vignesh - am convinced tonight's exploits will have you rat-a-tatting away at the keyboard with gusto. (Is that me or my hope speaking?)

    Aww, hang in there....

  3. It's just the inner zen. Continue to breathe deeply. You have reached a higher level of self actualisation perhaps?

  4. there goes my daily dose of fantasy :(

  5. Vignesh; You thought I was getting MARRIED? Why???? And hey, it's Saturday night and I'm online. They don't come sadder than me, buddy.

    n.a: No, coz unfortunately, I have to work late this entire week. So unless I say, Yeah I'm at work and SOOOOOOOO bored every night, there are no "exciting" posts!

    Mangs: I think inner zen might be giving way to inner depression. Though I'm all for the self-actualisation.

    Anon: Tut, tut.

  6. Hey, don't knock Inner Zen. It's not his fault :-)

  7. Geeezz.. even when u post nothing u get comments.. whether u r hooked on to blogging or not ppl who visit this blog certainly are to it..

  8. Oh no. If you can't post anything new, what will become of us?

  9. Evidently inspiration has returned. And blogger burnout only lasted one day. :)
    Woo hoo! I am the master of the universe! *points sword at the heavens*


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