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23 June 2005

Drunk home from Turquoise Cottage part 256

So buzzed tonight that I can barely see the computer screen. Monitor. Sorry.

Two friends have started blogging--Someol'guy over here and Skim over here. Both of whom I met tonight at TC.

TC on Wenesday is now so fucking crowded it breaks my heart. Really. To see real teeny-boppers, I mean, they couldn't be more than sixteen or seventeen, dancing around in little tops and short-short skirts is not pretty. Where is our adda? asked Iggy, grabbing me by the arm and I couldn't answer her, not really. When did TC get so popular? I know I bring a couple of hundred people every time I visit, but that's just me, right?

Went to Roli books party tonight which was very strange. There were olives in abundance on all tables, which I loved, but there was also this one journo who kept going "I like you. I don't like very many people on just the first meeting." I smiled and tried to shoo him away but he just went on, "I suppose it isn't reciprocated?" "Um... it usually takes more than one meeting for me to make up my mind," I told him and then he followed me around. Even when I went to the loo.

It's so hot these days that it seems to be all that other bloggers are talking about. Brief respite today, with a slight drizzle, but that was about all. I'm thinking of retracting my whole post about how much I love Delhi, because in this weather, when you feel like you're inhaling liquid, no really, there's not much to love. But still I like my city. I like my city still.

Today met two exes. K and Golfer Ex. K was looking very, very hot, he's lost so much weight and he was with this other chick with long hair and big eyes and a mole on her chin. She had soft angles and a wide smile and was everything I am not. "This is eM," he said introducing us and she seemed to know who I was. Later he asked me for a light and said hello to all my friends, to all our friends and they gave him big hugs. And then this girl who I haven't met since the break-up came up to me and said, "Hey, where's K? I hear he has the joint." And I felt like weeping.

Things with Golfer Ex went better though. He slipped his arm around my waist and murmured flirty things into my ear and we fixed up to meet on Saturday. Why does everyone love my exes so much? Ragini cooed, "Oh K's here?" and scampered off to meet him. TC is my territory, how dare he come there? How dare he come there with another girl, if he's so incapable of love?

Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm just unlovable. And unattractive. And clearly, not someone anyone wants to be friends with.

Luke was also there tonight and Someol'guy (whom I shall now call Nikhil) agreed with me that he was so hot! (By the way, for explainations sake, Nikhil is blog reader who emailed me while he was in Delhi wanting to meet up. We've had many drinking sessions, a couple of drunk sessions and blog readers are now my homies. I lurve you all. Still not sleeping with anyone, before the propositioning emails start pouring in though!) Anyway, so I smiled at Luke, BECAUSE MY CAST IS OFF, DID I NOT MENTION IT BEFORE, I AM SITTING CROSS LEGGED, and said, "You've totally forgotten me, haven't you?"
And he bent forward and said, "Why do you think I'm at TC tonight?" *sigh*

But he still has his girlfriend and I still have enough bad karma to last me the next twelve lifetimes.

And so with smell of cigarette smoke in my hair and sundry cologne on my clothes, I shall attempt to go to sleep.


  1. YAY! So the cast is off. Good for you :) No more barrel climbing for you, OK?? Well, have fun - will comment on the rest of the post later - gotta run!

  2. Flatash's pouring in Mumbai. The rain came in style with thunder and lightning, actually it's the other way round. Anyway flatash, flatash....TC or not TC that is the choschin (hic)

  3. Isn't that stuff about teenyboppers a bit ageist??? :)

  4. your blog reminds me of "The Trueman Story" ... and makes me come back every day.
    I've stopped watching the Saas-bahus ... and I am praying that I don't start weeping some day :-)

  5. gettingthere: I'm steering clear of all barrel's that happen to roll my way :)

    imhunt: You buzzed too? :)

    sunshine woman: Touche! No, but they WERE teenagers and they WERE bopping, so therefore.... :)

    vibhu: Wow, you remember the psuedonyms! Sometimes it gets hard for me also to keep track!

    bonatellis: Hehehe.. I could never keep track of all the saas-bahu stuff though!

  6. We lous you dearest eM, we all thinks you are boootifuuul !!!!

    Hope the hangover clears soon... care to take...

  7. Now tell me this... aren't you below the legal minimum to be drinkin' in Delhi :-)

  8. my, eM, for a drunk blogger you type surprisingly lucidly (and sans spelling errors). something I have not been able to achieve in many attempts. I have yet to blog drunk, and I hope the day does anot arrive, for I willwrite utter gibberish comprehensible to no one except myself, if at all.
    as for tc- teen boppers? nahhhhh!

    raxterize: they play rock. and nothing but the rock.


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