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14 June 2005

The Party

Sunday Morning Accounts:
Alcohol units: 3/4
Cigarettes: 25
Weight: Stable
Hours slept: 2
Bad karma amassed: Rebirth as slug

It was a purple sort of evening. Three of us were dressed in purple--me, Ragini and Urvashi. The conversation was mostly purple. The coke took on a purple-y hue at some point. And my mood was shining, shimmering purple--dancing between sparkly lavender to royal plum.

I decided to wear my Mango spaghetti finally, after many hours in front of my cupboard. One of my sole designer tops, it's gorgeous and snotty to all my other clothes. And it doesn't sit in a comfortable pile with the rest of my spaghettis, where they gossip about where they have been and who they have been with. My Mango spaghetti with its discreet MNG label hangs by itself. Which is probably a good thing, because it has a lot more stories than the rest. It's super-tight though, would probably show even an extra mole on your back, so I gasped as I squeezed myself into it. Hey, if I was going to be handicapped, I might as well be a hot handicap, right? That's what I thought.

My guests, all of them, with the exception of Ragini and her friend Nandini (who came at 8.30, which is a GOOD time to come for a party) were all very, very late. By the end of it, the three of us were ready to curl up on the couch and go to sleep. I made myself a drink though, and Ragini was constantly on the phone, which is a staple for her at parties. Then, I think, by around 10.15-ish, after I was ready to cry because so many people had cancelled (honestly, does no one believe in a good old-fashioned house party anymore?) in trooped Urvashi, her boyfriend John, the Jabberwock and Samit. They all looked a little taken aback to see empty house and the three of us looking mournful, but recovered remarkably and even made themselves drinks. (Urvashi and Samit had formed a 'Put-Much-Alcohol-In-One-Drink' club. They kept doing that and huddling in corners and giggling.)

Then, then, in came many young pretty boys, Ragini's boyfriend Saif, who she greeted with a squeal and his friends Daman and Luke.

(Quick back story: Over the past couple of weeks, I've been spending an exceptional amount of time with Ragini and Saif. We've been going out a lot, mostly for coffee, couple of times to TC, sometimes they come over. Usually, with Saif's best friend, Luke. Luke is very, very hot, but young (21) and worse, he has a girlfriend. There has been some mild flirting, combined with Saif whispering things like, "Dude, he really likes you and all." Luke's girlfriend leaves in a month, for foreign shores and so I pretty much thought that perhaps, maybe in a month things might happen there. Only he had been behaving a little off, not quite so friendly, not quite so flirty, so I thought that perhaps he had changed his mind. We hit it off great though, we like the same music, he's in a band, he seems to really listen when I'm talking, that kind of thing. Of course, the pure unbridled lust did have a part to play, but hell, I'm grown up, I can handle it)

So the evening went on, and I think most people had a good time, or even if they weren't, were too drunk to care. I seldom get drunk at my own parties, too many things to do, but on Saturday I was comfortably happy, in the giggly phase and I loved everyone. Ragini and Luke and I even sang loudly and off-key to To Be With You much to the horror of my less-drunk guests.

And *ahem* Truth Or Dare was played and I felt about 17 and people were saying the silliest things and in the midst of all this merriment, Luke bends closer to me and goes, "I have to ask you a question."

... to be continued


  1. A really well written piece, that, for what seems like a real swell pah-rte. Especially the beginning, its beautiful. You have my accolades by truckloads, like it or not, I'm gonna offload them in your comments section. Flip-splosh.

  2. What unit of measurement is that for alcohol ? 3/4 ? Bottles ? Crates ?

    Yes, house parties are always the ones to start slow, but pick up momentum really quick. Its about 12:47AM when you find yourself on a snowy street, about to have a running race, down a slippery sidewalk. Shotglass in hand.

    Anyways, neato !! But I think me like Jai's account better as things stand now. Atleast he didnt leave us on the edge like this... :P

    But then again, that comment about bad karma, makes me wonder if I already know what that question was... ;)

  3. Bad Karma = Good Parties seems to be the conclusion! :)

  4. a tantalising end to the post...very good, very good
    and yes, what 3/4? 3/4 and happy high....hmmm....

  5. >sigh< "All the things I really like to do are illegal, immoral or fattening" ~ some wise person

  6. manish: Thanks! And I always love the accolades. Bring 'em on! :)

    vignesh: Duh! 3 or 4 glasses! And I really, really wish there was snow. Really.

    primalsoup: Wait for next installment to find out!

    vague: Tantalising is what I do best! And refer to my reply to Vignesh.

    fingeek: I so agree with you!


    You can't do that to us! I wanna know how you snare the jailbait!

    BTW, I hate throwing houseparties. There's just too much responsibility trying to make sure everyone has a good time for you to have a good time yourself.

    And I certainly wouldn't bother unless I had a dishwasher - though in your case, it sounds like all you had to clean were glasses :-p

  8. Did the prince come? And what did the dude (Luke) say?

  9. 25 cigs! Were you trying to create a foggy atmosphere for the party? :)

    It's not that bad being a slug, BTW. Life is a bit slow for us, but not bad.

    Out with the truth about Luke. NOW.

  10. hahaha
    Quite interesting to note that most omments left behind are by men.
    Anyway that bit about the "I am disinclined to acquiesce to your proposition" was funny. "What you need is a rock solid relationship" jeez how can junta even come up with words like that? Good policy you have on your blog here. I don't know about the writing style or quality but the policy....(clutches forehead and bursts out laughing)
    Respect Madame, respect.

  11. I'm also very puzzled by the 3-4 units of alcohol - at a party? You truly are a woman of restraint and decorum (despite what some of your other readers might think...)

  12. Nice Helen-Fielding'ish touch there with all the statistics..
    But 25 Cigs!! beats Ms. Jones hollow..:-)

  13. Jay: All things come to he who waits :) And um.. I have a MAID who cleaned up very thoroughly the next morning!

    AB: Nope, no prince. But good times anyway! Wait for next post, soon I promise!

    Anurag: Well since the party technically went on till about 3 in the morning, can you blame me for smoking so much? ;)

    imhunt: Technically, I think more women comment, but some posts the guy:girl ratio is greater. I'm not sure why.

    RT: I was going for a bit of the Bridget Jones thing there, don't know how many people noticed!

    Jo: A woman of restraint and decorum? I really like that, i do. :)

    Vibhu: I'm so glad! Did you enjoy it?

    raxterize: Fantastic story! You're making it hard for me to live up to that!

    And, whatsyourface, deleted comment guy, get the hint, go away.

  14. Truth or dare?! How fun. Also, the Mango spaghetti sounds so pretty. A very, VERY hot 21 year old flirt with a girlfriend can only mean trouble.

  15. "Are U scared of me?" this Bajaj Pulsar guy is fun. "I mean no harm" Seems like a spurned lover. "Ah eM thou hast cleft my heart in twain."
    You know only the eM bit seems out of place.
    What does eM mean anyway?
    For the Definitely Ding Dong Guy
    eh nahin Milee??????

  16. My comments refuse to appear sometimes :(

    But... tell about Luke..! (and, more importantly, tell about Mango top for all us poor types who never got beyond the Basics)

  17. Mr Bajaj Pulsar(haha, imhunt). What a doofus. He wants to realise the folly of your ways. :)
    I hope the delete button is pressed in the middle of some hearty chuckles, eM.

  18. brainbird: Hmmm.. good use of metre. It scans well.

    Mint: Well, trouble or not, I think shall be discovered later! And it is a totally hot top!!

    imhunt: eM is easy enough. 13th letter of the alphabet and reverse the letters for the word!

    Mangs: Yes, a LOT of people have been complaining about comments not happening. :(
    But I'm also very poor. Mango top was present from Daddy :)

    vague: I'm having such a PARTY with the delete button! Hehehehe.. it's such fun :)


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