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12 June 2005

Her name is Tiffany Twisted, she got the Mercedes Benz, she got a lot of pretty, pretty boys, she calls friends

> Will you forgive me, dear reader, for posting every day? I suppose posting every day wouldn't be that bad, if only I had something to say. (Hey that rhymed!) But I really do have nothing to do, Sims 2 has lost its enchantment from having been played till 2 or 3 in the morning, I watched a lovely show on Star World called Adventure Divas--a travel show all about these chicks who go everywhere and meet interesting women. Today's episode was on Cuba and my favourite part was where the anchor, a tall blonde American in a white t-shirt and blue jeans, said, "Cuban women own their ass." There was such poetry in that line and it got me thinking about women who don't own their asses or for that matter any other part of their body. You see them everywhere, beautiful women, tall women, shapely women, regarding their breasts or bottoms as detached objects, not really part of them at all. Though I have this friend, Sumitra, who's not exactly pretty in the conventional sense, but she's an athlete, or at least she used to be and she has a lovely toned body and she works it. You can tell, even when the rest of us are all dressed up and eye shadowed, she'll prance in in shorts or a denim skirt and the way she throws her shoulders back and stands very very straight usually makes her the centre of attention.

> You may wonder why I've chosen to disable anonymous comments. It wasn't just that last cyber-debate type post that got me to do that. It's something I've been toying with for a while. Before, the offensive comments were just deleted and then I decided I didn't want to do that anymore. I mean, after all, though this is an interactive space and though this blog would not be the same if it weren't for the comments, I feel a little bad when I spend time and energy typing up something only to have it completely negated by people who say, "Oh you're so self-centred" or oh, "You'd sleep with anyone", y'know? I used to have a tag-board, and then when people started using that as advertisement space, I took that down too. Now, instead of anonymous comments, I get email, which I like far, far better, because people don't generally send hate mail, they send thoughtful responses, things they have thought about. Not that that means you should stop commenting, of course! I loves the comments!

> I'm having a parteee today. My mum's out of town, my toe is broken and I thought those two were good enough reasons to have a party in the first place. I've invited tons of people, from the journos to the just-barely-out-of-college types and I think it should make for an interesting evening. Plus, since my Saturday night plans, thanks to cast and all, involved sitting at home, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to bring my Saturday night to me (If Mohammed cannot go to the mountain etc). I've been having these sort of get-together type parties for as long as I can remember. My mom's been travelling and leaving me to hold the fort since I was in first year college and then everyone welcomed the idea of a house with no parents, where they borught their own alcohol and where they could do their own thing. Now of course, as we grow older, the get together have changed from the drunken I-don't-know-who-that-person-is to quieter affairs. But still, very fun. And no doubt, plenty of fodder for post-hangover blog.

> And ooh, most exciting. It has recently been revealed to me that I have readers in MIT and Harvard. Hello, hello! And of course, hello, hello to reader in Oxford. Look at me appealing to all these supersmart people :)

>One more thing, I think before I go. Shivam asked me in the post with a gazillion comments, why I chose to stay anonymous. (I'm not really super anonymous anymore, but why fight over small details). The reason I choose to cling to my last shards of anonymity is because, well, very simply, it's fun!

> And absolutely the last thing now, this has kept me entertained for a while, if you think you know your 80s music, give it a shot. that's all folks! (I suddenly miss Looney Toons. Not the new Cartoon Network avatar they've gotten but the really old ones. My favourite was the one in which Bugs gets nominated for an Oscar and they show flashbacks from some older toons. Too funny. And my favourite Tom And Jerry one was when Jerry gets his big muscular cousin to beat up Tom. Ooh, and the one where Tuffy, that adorable grey mouse in the diaper and Jerry fight with Tom over the Thanksgiving dinner) *We're tiny, we're tooney, we're all a little looney, and in this cartoony, we're invading your tv!" (A prize for anyone who can identify that. Promise!)

EDIT 1: Funny on a day when I really thought I'd barely manage to scrape together enough material for one teeny-tiny post, I keep remembering new things I meant to post. When I first read this I thought, hey cool, another blogger writing about TC. THEN I read on, and *sigh* very wicked, but still very funny. Go look.

EDIT 2: It's been pointed out to me by Kalyan (thanks!) that the "real" lyrics for the title of this post should go "Her MIND was Tiffany twisted, she got the Mercedes BENDS." Is that true? In which case I've been singing the wrong lyrics all my life. Ooh, you guys should totally tell me what lyrics you've always gotten wrong, I think it'll make for a fun follow up post, don't you?


  1. I loved that show as a kid.. blah .. blah! :)

  2. Thetis: Very good, you win the super grand prize! (I don't know what it is just yet..why don't you just pick something?)

    Rishabh: Well, to each their own I suppose.

  3. Half right.

    HER mind is tiffany twisted, she's got a Mercedes BENZ.

  4. Bryan Adams' Summer Of '69
    Opening line:
    I got my first real sex dream

    (Not original - this was courtesy a friend back in college)

  5. Hey...I scored 87.5 on the 80's quiz. Yes, I'm a true child of the 80's.

    What time shall I be there tonight? I'm going to make my world famous tortilla roll-ups. OK..maybe it's not WORLD famous, but the neighbors love it.

  6. a. Its "Mind is Tiffany-twisted, She's got the Mercedes Bends". The songs about how materialism traps people. (Tiffanys is the famous jewelry store. California, Mercs, Pink champagne: all symbols of prosperity). Bends used in the sense of a debilitating condition. BTW, "Colitas" is a Spanish euphemism for weed.
    b.You also have followers in the hedge funds of NY.. and that's way smarter than the avg MIT/Harvard grad.

  7. For the longest time I thought Aerosmith was telling people to "Do me like a lady...!".

    Even now, when I know better, I have to mentally correct myself before singing it out loud.

  8. Hmm... lots of things happening in your life I see ! ;) The weekend has, yet again, been super awesome !

    Those are my fav T&Js too !!! The uberfav being the Thanksgiving dinner !! It was awesome !!!

    Do tell all about the pardy ! And I will tell about my weekend ;)

  9. Manish: Oh well, almost there :)

    N.A: I'm curious, did your friend think Bryan Adams bought his first real sex dream at the five-and-dime?

    satya: Okay did NO ONE else think her name was actually Tiffany Twisted?

    Mint: Aww... we missed you AND your tortillas at the party! Flight land late?

    fingeek: Ooh thanks for that! I always thought the song was about a rehab centre though. Hmm. And what's NY hedge funds?

    Jay: *giggle* so you thought this macho guy, Steve Tyler was prancing around stage going, "Yeah, yeah, do me like a la-a-ady!" LOL

    Kubanosis: Cookie is very much a lady of leisure and spends more time napping than *gasp* in front of a computer! :)

    dr dogchop: Hello, new person! Thanks for stopping by though, and letting me know what you thought.

    vignesh; I don't know about superawesome and all, but interesting. Worthy of LONG post when I'm less sleep deprived.

  10. Life sure has its ups and downs, sleasy comments and a broken toe included. But then, you did realise that you have some real good friends. I am back to comment on your blog after ages. I was lazing around today and decided to do something with mine like the Link2Blogs and stuff like that. Hey, presto, your blog is now under this list that Link2Blogs put up. Take care and hope you had a fun Saturday. I did!

  11. party sounded prospectively fun when you wrote about it, seems so now after the jabberwock's writeup.
    do you mean you do not get shitfaced and say "who the___ is that" anymore?
    aw...come on...

  12. I'd take MIT and Harvard any given day over NY hedge funds. eM, like you said, to each his own. Rishabh, MIT is MIT is MIT is MIT. Is MIT.

    I hear the party was great fun. Jabberwock said so. :))

  13. Hey the 80's lyrics quiz was fun. Though i scored quite badly !!
    Damn and i really thought i knew my 80's music !!


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