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20 June 2005

Rid-a-ding-ding-ding let me hear you sing

Less is more these days. Zats why pretty minimalist template. And that's also why I'm going to try, at a reader's suggestion, to shorten my posts. This is going to be very tough, because I am, by nature, a blabbermouth, but bear with me here, okay? Here's my weekend in three sentences.

At the L'Oreal show, we realised Decibel wasn't made for fashion shows or for people running down it--boys and girls--shaking Encino Man-type curly blonde hair.

Turquoise Cottage is the Chinese and Thai Cafe in Gurgaon but it's only an imitation and doesn't have the real TC feel, even though they play the same music and everything, it's still an imitation and one of the walls is a Rock 'n Roll Mount Rushmore and Jim Morrisson who is normally sex on toast looks like a girl.

I was tremendously excited about meeting Saif Ali Khan today when he was interviewing for Parineeta, because I've had a crush on him since I think Hum Saath Saath Hain which I saw a really late show of in Varanasi or Benares, whichever you're more used to, but his stupid dad just had to surrender today so my grand seduction plan failed.

Okay. That. That was a lot harder than it looked. Phew. I don't think this whole less is more thing works for me. You're talking to someone who's never been on a diet. On the other hand, you're also talking to someone who believes in minimalism for her clothes. So...

Oh well. Feedback on new template? Isn't it purty?


  1. I like the new template. If anything its easier on the eye.

    Yes.. Decibel was not made for fashion shows. In fact, I wonder what it was made for, in the first place?

    If you like TC, you must visit Blues in CP on Monday nights - they have retro music - Live.. and you can jam with the band as well..

    Minimalistic clothes.... hmmmm.. when do I get to take you out for a drink??!!

  2. tritteinin: Oh boy. Here goes: I do think Tiger Pataudi is stupid. Not only do I think he's stupid, I also think he's cruel and deserves every bit of the punishment he's getting. I think he's stupid for screwing up the fantastic life he had just to indulge in a "sport" and then hide out and make it worse for himself. I think he's cruel because no one, but NO ONE should kill for pleasure. That's murder.

    chameleon: Hmm.. Blues on Monday huh? Went to Blues once, thought it was a little shady, but maybe if I get a big enough group we'll check it out! Thanks :)

  3. prefer longer posts, actually. these short posts are somehow not "you". but the template is nice.

  4. I like your longer posts. Perhaps you can meet halfway between the old and new.

    I like the new template BUT I have to admit that I find it difficult to see where old posts end and new posts begin.

    I'm a blabbermouth by nature as well.

  5. My, my!! A true-blue journalist! Very strong opinions (about Tiger Pataudi). Anyway, I am neutral, so I won't say annnnnything.... :D

    I like the template. Minimalist clothes and the Delhi heat must work very well together - right? :)

    I like the short post(s) but making them a llllllittle longer wouldn't hurt. Too long, and you lose me. I just don't have the attention span these days :((

  6. The new template...emmmmmmmmm dint like it much. Minimalist nahin lagta hain.
    Anyway anyone who shoots or domesticates or masticates animals needs to think about it again.

  7. Hmm.. no no.. talk more.. we like...

    About the template, all Im going to say is, I better get to work on it pronto !! This needs help !! :))

  8. Okay, okay. :) Point taken, no more short posts, yay! (And thank god, coz I don't think I can do them)

    fingeek: Thank you for your template love. Though I think you might be in the minority!

    mint: Just look for the bold black title of each post which marks off the beginning, I guess :)

    gettingthere: Actually I'm suprisingly nuetral about most things. It's just that this struck a chord because I HATE people who hunt. I truly do.

    tritteinin: Guilty till proven innocent is MY motto ;)

    imhunt: No? Not minimalist? Why not? I thought black writing on white screen would be easier to read.

    vignesh: A-HEM. Don't get me STARTED on people who promise other people pretty templates with pictures and then forget ALL ABOUT IT.

  9. despite having lost the first-advisor advantage, i will nonetheless advise - even at the cost of repitition - that you would do injustice to your readers if you were to cut short your posts.

    hope u wouldn't mind the unsolicited advice ... it's around lunch time, and i am in a magnanimous mood :)

  10. Black on white does not minimalism make, only stark contrast. True milimalism would also mean tuning down the contrast, brightness and warmth (all in colours of course).

  11. one more since lunch hasn't yet arrived:

    nothing goes better than black on women :-)
    if you can carry it off, of course ...

  12. Hey I was expecting the other 'purty' template? Who gobbled it up?;) I don't like this one though it's easier on the eye I must say. And yeah going sort on words is so not you.

    And Pataudi is a fool. Till now I quite liked him. Did you meet Saif?

  13. bonatellis: I like white too :)

    imhunt: Screw minimalism, is what I say. It's not for me :)

    vibhu: And what a nickname it is!

    raxterize: TC= Turquoise Cottage. A nice little nightclub where they have media nights every Wednesday, where the alcohol is cheap, where EVERYONE goes and my most favourite place in Delhi.

    ab: If you bothered to READ the post, really read it, you might notice that he didn't come :P
    And I like this template, so for the time being, it stays :)

  14. Ok Ok stop being mean. I read but I thought he might have made it later for intvs. Somehow I think this template is so not you:)

  15. i liked black so much more.... but hey.. it's your blog right?! and don't you love the way saif goes all docile and respectful when talking to the media about his dad now? 'Sir', 'Madam'?!

  16. a chinese and thai TC? er, ok. what's the point.
    Yes, Tc plays good good music, does not play any Hindi music (which I like but the kind you'd find in a pub in delhi would mostly be the kind I would not like...umm, ok).
    and yes Media Nights are Insane.

    i guess the closest apporoximation in Mumbai I can think of right now is ....toto's....yes,,eM- only better?

  17. What happened, eM? I thought you said you like white background too. *sigh*

    Anyway, I come to your blog for the content, not the template.....

    THAT'S what matters, right? Right!! :D

  18. Well, to be honest - I don't like your new template. As for your posts, I want them to be longer. So here's someone who's rooting for the old Compulsive Confessor.


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