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2 July 2005

Surfer dude

In the middle of the Oestrogen Ocean, someone's making a splash...
The Silver Surfer is here, ladies and gents.
Before you ask, SS isnt one of eM's Boys, though he occasionally dresses up as a tin-foil-clad love-slave at parties. And he doesnt always talk about himself in the third person.
Why Silver Surfer? Well, Silver, because he's bullet-headed and eM sometimes uses him to kill werewolves, and surfer because, well, if you cant figure out the connection between a surfer and the Internet you shouldnt be here, you should be in a self-help bookstore.
This blog is still firmly eM's territory; I'll just be making the occasional splash. I'm a bit of a pet of eM's: Think Dilbert and Dogbert. So I might be a world-dominition aspirant and totally cute, but the strip is still called Dilbert.


  1. a MALE POV on the compulsive confessor? what are you saying?
    How do we know youre not just eM pretending to be a man?

  2. Dude. Like I would call myself Silver Surfer. Come on. (No offence, SS!)

  3. true. in which case, hello SS, welcome to blogosphere. And Silver Surfer is a very nice name, eM. He was the herald of Galactus, Devourer of World, and all that.

  4. Bullet-headed dude with surfboard, making a splash in the ocean....are you one of the Baywatch gang ?

  5. em, maybe you would call yourself Silver Surfer cause no one would think you'd do that! sooooo how do we know SS is for real? :P

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. ah, double thinking galore, I can see.

    *some sort of hi-five to surfer dude. feels immediately follish about it. but the silver glint and the sound of impending tidal doom messed with the mind.*


  8. I should point out that it has been revealed that the Silver Surfer is genderless. So, hardly appropriate as a representative of men.

  9. I think this is a double bluff, SS = eM. Call it, guys.

    And the up-side is, it roused the Gamer from his torpor.


  10. Hello, NO, it's not me. Silver Surfer do you care to comment? He's not genderless, he's just very cool and hot (if it's possible to be both)

  11. Good point, gamemaster.

    Although, he used to be a male humanoid alien. And he does occasionally have a love interest, who is a human female. And if I remeber correctly, he is known to flirt with another herald of Galactus, who also happens to be an ex-female. So it is a safe to say that Silver Surfer is sufficiently male-ish.

    But yeah, as I said, good point.

  12. Guys...a little perspective here, please. If you read what I wrote very carefully, you will realize I never said I AM the Silver in, no, I am not an actual comicbook superhero, so it doesnt matter what gender that superhero was. ok?
    in case you didnt understand yet...I am a human being. NOT a cartoon. NOT a superhero. Silver Surfer is a NAME i use.
    Hopefully youll get it at some point.
    Also, if you look at the silverman's girlfriends - man, if I could be with those chicks I wouldnt care what gender I was.

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