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3 September 2005

All that she wants, is another baby, she's gone tomorrow, allll that she wants, is another baby, yay-ay

I'm bored. Bored. Bored. Bored.

Nothing exciting is happening. I feel such pressure to have exciting things happen so I can write about them. But nothing has happened recently.

I've been reading the Worst Book In The World (subtitle: It's so bad, it's good). I love bad writing. As in, I don't want to marry it or have babies with it, but bad writing is so addictive. It really, really is. You want to keep reading and going, "Oh. My. God. This. Is. So. Bad." And then bitch about it on your blog.

I went for a tequila party yesterday. We drank pink margaritas. I dangled my Nike floater and felt most cosmopolitan and elegant.

Today we look at two more houses. Keep your fingers crossed.

I just pressed Control + S to see what would happen. Right now there is a half published post lurking on my blog. I want to finish this one quickly so I can send it.

Something's happened to my ear. My right ear. It now hurts around the earring hole. The clever thing to do would be take the earrings off till my ear heals, but then I'd look like a boy. That is not fun. So I'm living with the hurt and the possibility that one of my earlobes might turn green and fall off.

Inspired by this blog, I'm starting Reader Appreciation Week. This entire week I will write about what you want me to write about. Anything from pink fluffy bunnies, to the time we got so drunk together we passed out in the Ladies, to my views on cellphone explosions. I'll do it all. Every day. But just till next Friday, because then the blog's my bitch again, not yours. Hopefully by then, something exciting will happen to me. So send in your comments people! :)


  1. Really?
    Okay eM, write something about a Harley Davidson, pink fluffy marshmallows and a drunken brawl.

  2. Rant. Memories. Food (other than Dyna Bites which I did try at MB's and they ARE rather good but it's time to move on).

    Harley Davidsons, oh yes very much.

    But not sex. No sex, we are good devout Indians and we all came into this world by parthenogenesis.

    And oh yes, how about tikas and dhotis? On women, as demonstrated in one of your watering holes recently.


    (Also stoopid-ass mile-long verification codes on comments pages)

  3. What we want you to write huh !! Let me think about this and get back to you :)

  4. about a post title "the compulive confessor unmasked?"
    No, no..I was just kidding. No..don't let that bloodhound loose on me. Nice doggy, nice, nice doggy. Down, boy. Down, down, DOWN. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    err..chocolate. Write about chocolate.

  5. write about why everyone outside delhi hated delhi and delhi-ites! honestly i like delhi (and by that i mean shoppin in delhi) but when i mention delhi to people they always gag... tell me why

  6. Write about your college days - what ridiculous clothes were in fashion, how you used to hang out in the cafe all the time, all the ragging you did, the guys who asked you out/you had crushes on.

    There, if that isn't an interesting topic - to, um, teenage college girls, I mean - I don't know what is.

  7. tell us all abt the best worst book. we all love lit of that kind, i think...especially if we can get friend sto read them too...;D

  8. i would still say that u should write about what u want u and not what the 'crowds' want. theres that whole selling out argument, ya?? did i just play spoit sport? dont mean to... honest.

  9. Not bad. Tell us your dark dark secrets. Dare baby dare:)

  10. Hi all,
    Net at home not working and I can't grab Net At Work for long enough to do this. But you've all given me some FANTASTIC ideas :) I appreciate my readers, I do, I do. Look out tomorrow, the net should be back up and I'll put up the posts. I've already done them in Word so all it needs is a little copy-pasting.

    Psst.. you two who think I'm selling out? The blog is FREE, hello! This is not some big Coke buys Pepsi type thing. This is just me (and other people who are sporting enough) having a little fun.


  11. A Request Blog....
    That's Innovative!
    Try... Dog Shit... Fed Ex... Victory... Mount Everest... Europa (one of Jupiter's Moons)...

    Nice Blog!

    PS: I hate word verification


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