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28 September 2005

How come Tom Thumb and Thumbelina never hooked up? It seemed sorta logical, no? Perhaps she was a Manglik

> I love the "silent" button on my cellphone. I really, really love it. Increasingly I have taken to shutting up people when they call me. Don't recognise a number at 10 am? SILENT! Don't feel like filling in an acquaintance about whatever's happened to you since 2002? SILENT! PR people bothering you when you just want them to go away? SILENT!
Though in a way I think it's spoiling me a little. I wish people in real life came with a mute option. That way their mouths would still move but no sound would come out. How cool would that be? Situations also should have a cancel button. Like if you don't want the cop to see you smoking in a public place, all you have to do is press the red phone on your panel and he'll go away. Situation cancelled. *sigh*

> Lots have been drawn for the New House. I'm afraid I got rather the short end of the stick--the balcony room went to Priya, the bathtub loo room went to Small and I am left with the room with the cupboards. Which is not so bad really--an entire wall is lined with cupboards which means I only need to carry one small bookshelf. Plus I have a window that looks out over the city. A great view too, since I'm on the fourth floor and there are no houses behind us. I've already decorated in my mind, lamp there, table there, futon next to table and my laptop next to it. The mattresses can go in a pile on the floor with a red rug to brighten up the place a little. There--sounds pretty good already, doesn't it? I'll take lots of pictures :)

>Luke has reentered my life--sort of tiptoed in and is now lurking around near the umbrella stand, trying to figure out whether he should stay or leave. I'm tempted to say, "Stay." But then, there are so many problems with that relationship--he's younger, we'll probably bore each other soon and I suspect besides wild animal attraction, we really have nothing in common. But still, he's single now and who knows what can happen in the future?

> The weird part is every time I have prospects of romance, my arms are always hairy since I've been too lazy to go to the parlour and get waxed. And then, anticipating that my hairiness will be scrutinised, I always go and get waxed in great excitement only to find no one's hitting on me any more. Now I'm just NOT getting waxed till like five minutes before I hook up with someone. Hairy arms are a great contraceptive, I always find. Plus my jeans will stay firmly on since my toes have reached Hobbit status. The new celibacy is nothing but a bunch of woman who are too lazy to remove hair.

POSTSCRIPT PLUG: Almost forgot, and I'd been meaning to for a while. My very cool cousin's very cool blog is here. I've been through all the archives and though it's a little weird now knowing WAY more about his life than I suppose I ever would have (I'm seven years younger, so we have a Big Brother type relationship going on) it's also nice. Yay for blogging and family ties reconstructed in the twentyfirst century! :)


  1. Reminds me of that superb movie:
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  2. Oooh I am so turned off by Hobbit feet. Why else do you think I saw LOTR like 40 times.

  3. hahahaha.
    Great post babe. Whens the house warming party?

  4. like situations that should have a ctrl-z button? we were so into all that graphic software thing while at college, with vivas and presentations, and sticky situations galore, a ctrl-z was all we asked for in our bedtime prayers!

    and a new flat with all the cupboards. wow. and a window. in delhi. nice.

  5. Who said Tom Thumb and Thumbelina never hooked up? In WIllingham's Fables, they are very much a couple, though Thumbelina was pursued by all the Lilliputians before that.

  6. whitelight: Does it really? I'm most flattered, I loved that movie.

    indian stallion: Um... okay? :)

    dee: Housewarming weekend after next. A Saturday, so keep yourself very very free. Of course, you must come for pre-housewarming drinking session before that :) Considering my house is, as always, a very smoke-friendly environment.

    sandeep; Thank you, thank you :) I heart new commenters.

    methinks: Not only Control-Z, but also Control-c, Control-v. So that happy times can be copy-pasted.

    gamesmaster: Okay fine :P But in MY version--the huge kids illustrated kinds--they lived without each other most unhappily.

  7. I'd like a 'Task Manager' for taking control of my life. Hit ctrl+alt+del and he should appear like a genie. If I don't like something/someone/some situation, I should just be able to end it, then and there! Sigh! Wishful sinful :)

  8. I loved this bit, "The new celibacy is nothing but a bunch of woman who are too lazy to remove hair." And I'm going to steal it.

    Also thanks for the link :)

    Now you've joined our destinys though. If one of us is discovered by family, a perusal of links will lead to the other's discovery.

  9. Its odd how you have all those pre conceived notion abt age being such a big factor in a relationship, its almost u've made up ur mind not to let it work.

  10. First time commenter, but blogsdropping for quite some time.

  11. I would have definitely gone for the room with the cupboards. And you can always use her bathtub and her balcony to chill but they cant jsut randomly come and say let me use your cupboard. So basically my point is I think you got the best deal.

  12. The mute option part was a bit like ESSM. They erase each other's memory. Here, you want to mute people.

    Magic Realism, I guess.

  13. Right. I shall wait till I've moved back to my study with the krishnachura tree framed in the window, then I shall GLOAT over you and your cupboards and your view of Delhi's washing lines.

    Horse is good. Thanks for the lead.


  14. When are we putting out our clothing line?? Our newest t-shirt tagline is:

    "The new celibacy is nothing but a bunch of woman who are too lazy to remove hair"

    Just think....Compulsive-Chutney or perhaps Minty-Confessor.

  15. So you've got hairy arms and hairy toes. This wouldn't be a sneaky attempt to dissuade all your ardent male readers from emailing you for dates, would it?

  16. truth fairy: Ya, I so wish I had a Ctrl+Alt+Del for everything! But then it might say "This window is not responding". *sigh*

    horsey: If I go down, I'm taking you with me :) And no stealing without quoting original :P

    rohan; Well, we all have ideas about what works and what doesn't I suppose. Age doesn't work for me, most times.

    methinks: :) I just piled up my friends cigarette boxes to take that shot!

    sandeep: TWO comments now! Wow!

    rat: You know, you're right. Absolutely! You're a genius!

    whitelight: More like Magical Shut-Up-Or-I'll-Kill-You-ism. :)

    j.a.p: Hah! No washing lines on fourth floor! Hah! Also stop describing me as "kid cousin"!! I'm most affronted.

    monica; Sank you, babe. Much appreciated :)

    mint: How about MC (cubed)? Mint Chutney Compulsive Confessor.. geddit? geddit?

    jay: Darn, you're on to me. I almost mentioned horrible mouth ulcer as well, but I thought that might be a bit much :)

    tama: Nah, not most of the guys I know!

  17. Me thinks of adding this blog to my Favs list. You mind? :)

  18. Hi, dropping in for the first time, really enjoyed your writing.

    Love the bit about unwaxed legs and enforced celibacy. Really true and really funny!

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