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21 September 2005

in which we realise that poetry is really not a viable career option

life updates in verse, angst-y style:

i meet boys
one thirty, photographer
with a peter pan smile
he asks me if i'm taken
with boyfriend, am i married?
i shake my head
trying not to laugh
we're having drinks soon.

one's my age,
little older, maybe younger
i flirt through our common friends
and sometimes he flirts back
it's nothing though
it's going nowhere
he likes the high maintainence girls
and i couldn't be arsed.

the house is pretty
the bathtub's blue
the kitchen too
and the floors are new

seema's gone and we wish
she could have stayed longer, surely
england has nothing to offer that
we can't, right here, i mean
hello, what about mb's? and buzz?
and all those places where we drank and
were so cool and so unbearably witty and
friendships were made and characters
assasinated and you really
should have stayed.


  1. Yay ! House has been found I suspect ! And hope the gal who left wasn't a to be roomie !!!

    And if you hadn't said that it was poetry, I would have though Blogger is acting up with its formatting again ;)

  2. Gave you a link. I'm sure you'll know who this is after you take a look at the blog (your google searching can end now--I figure we can be mutually discrete).

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. sylvia plath,
    In her pine-wood bath
    -tub shaped cell, six
    feet deep, in gas-induced sleep
    sighed, threw a fit
    threw up (bony) hands in defeat.

    All hail, all hail, the graceful eM
    reine de la poésie du fém.

    And in reponse to the comment on the last post, but of course cummings. Who else? Trivia: the title of David Niven's autobiography, "The Moon's a Balloon," is taken from this one.

  5. Blog world seems full of poetry today. That was quite good eM !!

  6. tama: Hmph. Someday I will be great poet and you will be sorry. *strikes dramatic pose* No one understands me :)

    vignesh: Ditto about great poet remark. And no, my friend who left was fabulous but not future flattie. (Their names are Priya and Small)

    horsey: :)) Yay! I'm most flattered that you commented, btw :)

    der fremde: Sank you! :)

    kaashyapeya: A poetic comment to go with poetic post? Most cool.

    rat: I guess it's in the air. Spring fever in October, ya know. :)

  7. But only in the poetried reek
    Of metered syllables can speak
    The poet, the madman, and the fool,
    And caper in joy, when thought "most cool"

  8. Very nice and interesting. I like it. :)

    Thirty? Photographer? What's wrong with that? Thirty or photographer?

  9. I so totally disagree with ur title :), u got some real original style going for you lady

  10. It's such a crime,
    When poems don't rhyme.

    A little effort will make it fly.
    So go on, rewrite, rework, retry!

    Or not.

  11. I see verses everywhere. Am I hallucinating?

  12. great job...
    But why is an RSS feed missing in your BLOG?
    I had to settle for the ATOM feed by BLOGGER then anyway you're doing a great job here.
    And hope you had a great house warming...

    Kepp BLOGin!


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