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4 October 2005

All the women, independant, throw your hands up at me!

It almost didn't happen. Priya and Small were fighting like cats and, well, cats. Even yesterday, as the moving van rumbled into my house at some 10 am and I blearily put things together, it almost didn't happen. Even after they carted a Godrej, a fridge, a dressing table, a flat screen tv and another fridge up four floors, that's eight flights of stairs, it almost didn't happen.

So I held my breath and my counsel till we signed the agreement and handed over a shitload of money to the landlady. And even then, we were slightly grumpy. We were so used to our homes, where dust would magically vanish, where people cared enough about you to nag you about dinner, where the hot water tap didn't sputter and hiss at you, where things were already in their places. So we each retired to our own rooms, doing therapeutical things. I made my futon into a chair, slipped the cushion over it and plugged in an earthen lamp on the floor. Priya set up her computer and put a teddy bear on her mattress pile. Small arranged and rearranged her beds till she had the perfect angle to watch television. And then Small and I went out like the good hunters and gatherers we are to bring food to our household.

People should really make ready-made houses. With like, cooking utensils. And a mop and a broom. And even the Scotch Brite and Vim by the sink. Small and I went a little insane with our shopping--buying two identical toilet brushes, and Zero-B for the sink and a broom and a dustpan and a soap tray and cheese spread. God. Then we went to her mum's house and picked up four bottles of water. (We're now down to half a bottle. Mental note: buy water.)

Anyhoo, so there was wine involved and by the time we got back, Priya and her boyfriend had hired a maid (called Lata, who's apparently very nice and has agreed to cook, clean and wash clothes for a bargain price). Only there's nothing for Lata to do just yet. Only sweep, which I hope she's done today (Mental note #2 :Check if maid has swept). And I had company--thank you for being first guest, Monica--who watched, amused, as I swept my room, very badly and collected dust against the walls and made my bed. (and this is the point Blogger has allowed me to recover till, despite the fact that I have now written this post four thousand million times). So, yeah. Making my bed always helps me feel settled. At home. The familiar bedspread, the brand-new lavender sheets, the pillow that has your cheek indentations so you can find your happy spot as soon as you turn in. I love my bed. I love the way it looks all homey.

And so, we have moved in. Other stuff remains to be done. (Mental note #3: Remind Small to call the cable guy. Why can't I call the cable guy? Coz I'd twist myself into knots trying to figure out a time convenient to both of us, while Small will just pick a time, call him, get both of our TVs done and find out about wiring up my laptop. You see why I live with her?) Our sweet little minibar fridge which loves us and tries really hard to be a big grown up fridge, holds only bottles. So our big fridge has gone to be repaired which means, aaaaaaaaaaaargh, more money will have to be spent. I'm sooooooo broke. This sucks. I'm used to being wealthy.

I have also become complete domestic goddess--unpacking yesterday at the speed of light, cleaning up in the kitchen and fixing our drawing room so it doesn't look so abandoned (eM's little handy hint: An old curtain in a pretty shade thrown over a folded over sleeping bag makes a decorative, yet useful, floor cushion.)

I'll stop, was up till 4 am and then woke up at 10 this morning and I've pulled some muscles in my thigh from dancing up and down those fucking stairs. But, (and just once) yay, me!


  1. moving into a new place can be exciting..the tips will b handy given I will be doing the same in a few months. hope u make gr8 memories there.

  2. So finally you moved! Good luck. Don't worry Priya and Small will get used to each other.

  3. Yay you for sure !!!

    When I moved in, I brought in all the stuff and stared at it for a week. By then my parents came visiting and they cleared up the whole place.

    And living on your own and feeling wealthy do NOT go with one another. I guess you figured that out by now.

    Once again, I say, YAY ! Delhi trip ahoy !

  4. hey, congrats, bravo,u made it. btw, u were supposed to gimme the hyperlink to ur post on delhi, would look forward to seeing it, if u dont mind,

  5. moving is always painful,,but look it in a way that u can make a new begining..

  6. Treat the moving as new beginning. Its always tedious and painful to move. One tends to miss lot of things .

    btw, were u in mocha on friday evening around 7pm?

  7. Show us pictures of this house woman !!

  8. so where is it exactly? and yeah, the 24-hour convenience store is REALLY handy :-)

  9. I have a lovely toilet brush that pretends to be a bowling pin. It's so cute I'd hug it to sleep if it wasn't, you know, really a toilet brush.

  10. Ahem! Its independ-ent, not -ant. Unless it was a pun on pendant that I didn't get.

  11. Yay, I have the internet at home! Yay!
    abhishek: Woohoo! Someone's taking tips from MOI? I'm most flattered. :)

    ab: Ya, I think they are little by little :) We've been sitting around and drinking every day till about 2 a.m

    vignesh: Heh. My mom hasn't come yet, but I'm sure when she does she'll be most amazed at how clean I can secretly be :)

    almost: Absolutely. Will look for it and email you :)

    shiva: Ah, comfort zones. How I love my comfort zones. But this is... fun. Like playing house-house or something. :)
    anatya: Ooh, I don't think I could EVER live out of luggage bags. Too.. nomadic. I'm essentially someone who loves to wander but needs a base to touch every now and then.
    ankur: It wasn't thaaaat painful, now, looking back. Only waking up at unearthly hours to lock the door behind the flatmates is getting a bit much.
    ankur: Would you beleive it? She made ME do the cable running around! Me!
    cynicalcount: Nope. Why?
    rat: I will! I will! Before and after housewarming, I promise :)
    mangs: Come over and I shall tell you :) And isn't twentyfourseven AWESOME? :)

    dee; Isn't it purty? :)

    killer bunty: Really? *raises eyebrow*

    jay: I have the same fixation with the pretty tiles in my kitchen. I would rip them off and love them all night, but well, that would spoil my kitchen. :)

    gamesmaster: Fine, fine, take my excitement and make it about spelling. Hmph. :P

    sparkle: I can too be a domestic goddess, missy! :)


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