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2 March 2006

Last night at TC...

> I danced with Dee's new beau. This may not seem a big deal for you, but those of you who know me know I do not dance. Quite simply, I suck. Anyway, so I gave him the whole, "Since you're dating one of my best friends, you must go through my scanner" thing, to which Dee nodded drunk agreement. (Though at this point, I could've probably said, "You must give me your purple monkey" and she would have agreed happily). So, all three of us were dancing, the New Man very gallantly with both of us, and Dee was then whisked off into the arms of someone else and I smiled sheepishly at him, seeing this as a point where I sidled away, spinster-like. But he danced with me, really, full-on dancing, with feet movements, and hand on back gliding and then at the end of the song, he dipped me, so my head touched the floor, and (this is my moment of triumph) people clapped. Really. For me. No one's ever done that before. I whisked up, we bowed to each other and Dee now has my blessings. Well, coffee and sober conversation still must be done, but now there's no hurry.

(Later, by the way, as I was leaving I said to him, "Dude, man, no one's ever clapped when I've danced before," and he smiled and said, "Well, you and Dee are very beautiful, why would people not clap?" Awwwwww. I heart nice boyfriends of friends. It's so much simpler than disliking them.)

> Also last night, I bumped into people I hadn't seen since I was, oh, three or four. Twins. I have a picture of them, taken then, two little girls with matching plaid dresses and spectacles and me, in the middle. They used to babysit me, apparently, they told me last night. Now we're all grown up, the plump twin has grown up into vision of beauty and delight (the skinny twin stayed skinny, but she is a vision of beauty and delight also) and we all chatted loudly and happily. It's amazing I recognised them, even though they looked at me with matching expressions of amzement when I told them who I was.

> Small's friend gave me the best back rub I have ever had. Really. By the end of it, I was purring and stretching and smiling through slit eyes. He used to be a professional masseuse (or is it masseur for men?) in Sydney, he told me, and oh. I will walk to the ends of the earth to get a good back rub. I'm a sucker for loose muscles. And that delicious pressure on the nubs of your shoulders. Mmmmmmmm.


  1. dancing??is that the only way to win over you women??the amount of weddings that have had me red-faced cos i've had to turn down offers from girls who want to dance with me just cos i'm too shy and uncoordinated to try a little shimmy and dip, it's just not funny.
    seriously, have you ever tried saying no to a girl??imagine, then, how tough it must be to say no to at least two girls at every wedding who come up wanting to have this dance??plus, i'm a catholic and a goan, so the majority of weddings i ever get invited to have dancing/waltzing,me slunking away from dance floor.

  2. Damn f*cking bore....out of topics that you write such frivolous stuff now...

  3. awesome! i like the sound of your frnd's frnd. nice to have men like that around! and wow, shimmy and dip. wow!

    btw, what're you doing in the cafe coffee day last page but one left hand half page??

    and how on earth do you allow strange annonnymouses mice to comment like that?!

  4. me agree with 'methinks' on anonymous mice making degrading comments. if you dont want to read what CC has to write, buster, simply dont read it.
    kindly do not take this as an opportunity to vent your frustrations here. Spare us from it. thanks.
    CC, good as always. just keep writin...

  5. There is only one reason a man gives a backrub to a girl who isn't his friend.

    That's right, he wants to play chess.

  6. i would love to go dancing like that!
    Teach me, won't you?
    Rather, give me Dee's guy to waltz with! ;-)

  7. sweet.... yes much much simpler tehn disliking them :P

  8. Hello.
    Dee is here to prove thats she is not ded. You CANNOT have my purple monkey.


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