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11 March 2006

Plink plink plink-plink-plink, plink plink plink-plink-plink, plink plink plink-plink-inkkk, California here we come, right back where we started from

> My hair refuses normally to be all straight and silky and conformist. Usually it's off doing its own thing, you know, just hangin' by the forehead, chillin' with the earlobes, etc. And also on normal days, especially when I wash it, it forgets it's attached to my scalp and tries to take off. So my sideburns peel themselves away from my cheek at rabid right angles, the hair at the back of my head goes, "Whee! Off we go!" and all because I have dared to clean it. Who does she think she is? asks my hair, does she think she owns us or something? So, last week I invested in a bottle of Lakme HairNext, coz you know, the ads show this chick all shiny haired and tame, and I used it this morning, much encouraged by the fact that it smelt yummy and I really felt it behave, I really, really did, right after I got out of the shower. And so, breathless with anticipation I waited for it to dry and well, yeah it is sitting down for the most part, only now my hair is sulking, so if I happen to push a strand of hair out of my eyes, it'll stay there--vertical and affronted. I'm threatening to shave it off now, which would be apt revenge for this one day that I went into work and my colleagues helpfully informed me that I had two perfectly formed devil's horns, sticking out at either side of my head. Grarh.

> Some people have too much money. I could however suggest better uses for it than this. And the text next to it just about finished me: What prince wouldn't want to see his iPod in this raspberry beret? What prince? Me, I don't care if my iPod's naked. Does that make me a bad person? Oh my god, I'm totally going to be the kind of mother who lets their kids run around in just a diaper, right? And if that wasn't enough--this makes it worse. Do you have an iPod hat rack? Dude, seriously, send me some of that cash, I'll make you an iPod sarong, with my own two hands--using just one of my old t-shirts! It's a miracle.

> The weather has been so kick-ass in Delhi recently. It's been drizzling off and on, and the smell of wet earth is everywhere. It makes me feel like an old Hindi movie heroine. As a result, my music list these days is only Hindi songs. English songs which are mellow are also mainly very sad. (Except Wonderwall. I've been singing it very loudly and tunelessly in the shower.) So when I'm driving, with my windows down and my iPod plugged into my ears you can bet it's either Sajna Ve Sajna or like something very mushy like Pehla Nasha. It's Hindi music weather, if you know what that means, and if you don't, it's really tough for me to explain. It's like raininess brings out all the Bollywood cliches of dancing around trees in a wet sari for me, and the music is just an appropriate soundtrack.

> Ooh and we have a new fridge! All this while we've been using Small's minibar type fridge, coz we've had a lot of bad luck with fridges. The one we rented refused to work after a while too--turning into a freezer, and we figured we'd wait till it got a little hotter before we invested in a new one. This one is beautiful, I've never really loved a household appliance so much, and is called Godfrey Smythe-Godrej III. It's a good name. And we're loving organising our stuff inside it also--filling up bottles with water, adding Tupperware containers, buying milk. Household stuff is fun when you don't have to do it.


  1. I thought I was the only person in the world with hair that wanders off in 16 different directions every time I go out. If its short its worse, it waltzes with the wind and forgets its attached to my head. No styling product did much for me. So good to know that Lakme actually works.

  2. Wow ! After all these days.. I get first comment... that is assuming someone else hasn't commented before and is help up in comment moderation ! *crossing fingers, praying it aint so*

    I would love iPod bling. I would love some new music even more... :)

  3. Raspberry Beret, after the song sung by Prince, the artist.

  4. loved this bit ... "The weather has been so kick-ass in Delhi recently. It's been drizzling off and on, and the smell of wet earth is everywhere. It makes me feel like an old Hindi movie heroine" :D

    Snowing here ... :)

  5. Lakme Hair Next is GOOD!My friends thought i'd straightened my hair after I used it.The conditioner's really good too.
    And looove the weather in Delhi right now..:)

  6. welllll... beyond a certain level you really can't do anything more constructive with your money, no? i was wondering if anyone can be bothered to set an international limit crossing which a person would be compelled to donate the extra amount of money? to poor wretches like me who can't even afford a bit of chocolate everyday, that is?

  7. you're probably too young to remember the prince (as in "the-artist-once-formerly-known-as- prince) song 'raspberry beret'

  8. Lakme HairNext didn't work for me. :(( Possibly because my hair is already straight and well-behaved, but it's not like that of the model in the ad, dammit!

  9. You know, shampoos cannot do a thing to fix flyaway hair, or frizz. The only thing that helps is a silicone based hair serum. Unfortunately you cannot use it too often, because it tends to build up on the scalp and can lead to dandruff with regular use.

    So keep a bottle handy, for a special occasion when you absolutely must have shiny, smooth hair.

    As for iPod accessories, if the fashion industry can exploit a trend, it will. Now they are coming out with jeans with built in iPod holsters.

  10. babe. i love your blog, and i've been reading it for a while, but ever since you changed ur template to this thing, i can no longer read it on firefox. :( and IE is well, bleeh. please, please fix it. meanwhile, i'll suffer with IE just for this page, just for you.

  11. Well, I don't even have an i-pod, so I guess you know my stand on this.
    Boiling like a potato in its poor jacket.

  12. Was about to tell you about the ipod jeans... but ah well, you know now!

    And just realized that my blog name is similar to yours... never meant that (and I thought I was being really original)! well, what you gonna do :D.

  13. Wow! I love that kick-ass weather in Delhi that you are talking about!

  14. Isn't it illegal to drive around with earphones on? What if someone beeps their horn, you wouldn't hear it, and could get into an accident. What if your car started making subtle grinding noises, a preamble to breakdown. You'd never know until smoke started billowing out from under the bonnet.

    I'd recommend pluging your pod into your car radio somehow. Make friends with a geek. He'll do it for free since you are a girl.

  15. I love the OC! :D
    ur blog template doesn't play well with mozilla firefox although I had no trouble on internet explorer.
    Loved your black template. I keep changing my template but I love black so I'd ask this friend of mine (and fellow bogger) 'how do you like my template' and she'd always reply 'I like it but eM's is better' (reg: ur earlier template)*hint**hint**hint*

  16. Now...this is much talkin abt the template..
    Won't feel dizzy readin yr posts now... :)

  17. Horsey - she knows/knew a geek a who plugged his ipod into his car.
    Of course now she doesn't keep in touch with that geek anymore, so she will burn in hellfire for an eternity...not that that geek is feeling the least bit angry about it or anything...
    Glad to see the good 'ol black template. You may wanna consider WordPress however...

    Word Verification: "ogyba"

  18. help! I too am looking for fridge..can you gimme some rough figures on how much a fridge costs and how much did you gets your's for?

  19. hey wotz the name of that model who comes in that lakme hair Next ad ????????? please reply to this mail id if anyone knows.... thank you...


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