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5 May 2006

Okay, this is it

As in, I leave Sunday morning and it's unlikely that I will have internet access tomorrow, so this is ta, essentially, till the 18th when I return and bore you horribly for a while by posting pictures and a travellogue. :)

I'm thinking of making it a series even-- The Compulsive Confessor Does Eygpt or some such. So camera and laptop are being carried, if I get good wifi signal somewhere, I might do a post from there also.

But don't go away, I'll have tons of stories when I return. Today is Small's happy to you also, so if you know her, say happy birthday quickly.

Also, technical stuff, my cell will be switched off till I return and I'm disabling comments. So if you have something you want to say to me, email please? I'm trying to set up a vacation response thingummy, but I'll catch up on correspondence once I return in supereffecient manner, god promise, mother isswear.

Au revoir!