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23 August 2006

Surgeon General's Warning: Nothing remarkable said, more like life updates and general witterings

* Having recently been informed of this, I now feel this unbelievable pressure. Such performance anxiety is never a good thing, because suddenly I'm looking at my previous couple of posts and going, "Really?" So since I am one of the many India representatives, I feel like I should be writing about relevant stuff, like oh, you know, our new nuclear policy or something. But, yeah, very cool to be nominated and all, but wouldn't it be even cooler if I won? I'm not sure of the etiquette involved with this things, so I'm not going to say the obvious (vote for me) but little subliminal messages, like they do for alcohol or something won't hurt. The Compulsive Confessor--better for you than alcohol. Yeah, baby.

* Have I mentioned my bathing products recently? No? Well, I have now graduated from shower gel to shower CREAM, thank you very much, and I feel all exotic and nubile when I use it, because really, the scent, teamed with a steamy shower, is enough to make me feel like I'm in a harem or something. Really. (subliminal vote for me message here) There's nothing like feeling you're in a harem to have an excellent rest of the day. As a result of this steamy shower, I'm always practically drunk by the time I exit and dress, so I get to work all dreamy eyed and pose langourously against the coffee machine. Good fun. Only I think the receptionist thinks I'm on something.
(By the way, previous references to products are here and here.)

* So, ever since the post about Other Party, I am re-reminded about how very small this city is. How does everyone know, dude? I thought I was being super-discreet and everything. But, yeah, random people know, and it's strange and somewhat scary (but also quite flattering, I must admit) that everyone knows everyone and your assumed secret liaison is not really such a secret and everyone's actually sniggering, because, really, WHY did I assume this was so hush-hush? (On another tangent, absolutely love the word liaison. I think I'm going to use it more. Along with twilight and soiree. Soiree, especially.)

* I've also realised that in the past two months of manic party attending, I've always been invited somewhere or the other on Saturday night, usually for a private party. This makes me feel very popular and wanted, sure, but it's also a little worrisome, because this weekend, so far, have not been invited anywhere. Which means my Grand Record of not having to spend any money on Saturday night might just be coming to an end. Quick, someone throw a party and call me! I'll be sitting by the phone, I promise. My need to have my weekends chalked out on, oh, TUESDAY, is a side of me I don't normally reveal, but if I don't have a plan for the weekend, I am physically uncomfortable. Going with the flow is not a term I like. Actually, I'll go so far as to say it's a term I HATE with a purple passion. A magenta passion, even. I think it's my deep, screwed up need to have control over at least some aspects of my life. You have OCD? Hey, I have obsessive planning. I even plan out conversations before I have them, which gets alarming when the other person doesn't respond exactly the way they did in your head. I wish I was like a puppet master or something. This is also why I always need to be the one holding the remote.

* Also got this email from Filmmaker Friend today saying: "Hello little eM.Read your latest blog. Nice, fun reading but there IS such a thing as tooooo much honesty you know..." To which I responded, "Oh, why?" and he said: "Sharing angst in public is a bit like having sex in public. Its very personal and should be shared with only those who're that intimate. Grief, ecstasy, angst, etc not for public consumption.Thats what I feel.." I never really thought of it that way, but perhaps he's right. Maybe I do purge much too much on this blog. Any thoughts?

(and because a subliminal message isn't a subliminal message unless it's repeated a hundred million times, vote for me!)


  1. A naughty-bits post is long overdue. One of those and you've got my vote!


  2. You REALLY think people will vote for a slut like you, especially when you look at what you are up against?

    oh well, you never know those horny guys like that ""..they sure would go all out know.

  3. oh good lord.
    wash your mouth out with soap, anon. do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

    tut tut. such anger, really.

  4. Anon: So you wouldn't vote for eM but you hang out on her blog and post comments? Hardee-haa-haa

  5. love ur blog...
    i'd vote for you,
    how come theres no category for pakistani blogs...
    (not mine...but i know many that would qualify)

    *dont knw why i'm asking*

  6. I agree with the filmmaker dude.. I really don't want random people to know the intimacies of my life..

    Stupid shit is different

  7. Congratulations on your nomination!
    Keep up the great writing!

  8. well - its not really voting but ranking. and im surely placing u no2 after india uncut (that is supp to be a compliment - coz those r all gr8 blogs).

    never mind the filmmaker - there is too much privacy and tension in the world anyway. the candor on this blog is a welcome relief!

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. 'Purge too much on this blog' how can anyone tell, could be a completely fictional piece.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. hey, congrats on the nomination!
    and funny post this
    and funny comments these
    and talking of "purging too much" your archive links are'nt working. or did u remove them or somthing?

    khizzy: theres a category for Asian blogs, though.

  14. why do you have such obscure and boring titles to your blog..a journalist and writer should know that headlines are supposed to "draw the reader in"...duh!

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. tra la la.
    delete delete delete.
    i am all powerful.

  17. take it easy on eM dudes. She writes extremely well, on that there is no doubt. content is way too personal but interesting and some posts are beautiflly written. the ones about the rain adn stuf have a distinct feel good element. and yes no issues of earth shattering national or cosmic importance are taken up here, so what?? There are pleanty other sites dedicated to that, i enjoyed Kuch kuch hota hai and Syriana, both, we need a bit of evrthng. i'm prertty certain most of you farts slandering her would be unable to hold a 5 minute informed-intelligent conversation on any issue politcal, economic or soci-economic. FF

  18. While you wouldn't want every person passing you on the street to know every intimate detail about you, that's just out there in the real world.

    Over here you're anonymous. No matter how much we know about you, we'll never really know you. And that means you can say, share - or purge - as much as you like.

  19. i love this blog and am voting for it for sure. way to go, eM!

  20. Better thank all ur visitors in ur acceptance speech...

  21. You have my vote. And I'm a girl. And I'm not lesbian, so I'm not saying this because I have a crush on you. So what does anonymous have to say about that?

    And the reason I'd pick you is because you blog about your own life, and have a working knowledge of both the world and English grammar.

    If I wanted the days news, I'd buy a newspaper.

    Everyone would tell you that sex in public is wrong, but they'd all still go on looking anyway. We're all voyeurs.

  22. i think its beautiful that you can be so introspective and relatable. its an inspiration, esp to me cos i find it hard to say things out loud.

    and maybe every time you pen a secret, someone like me finds it in her to open up to others and believe that it'll be okay.

    your words are powah-ful, missy! so keep writing. :) much love

  23. Hey eM!
    I'd have to agree with Filmmaker Friend to a certain extent, though I absolutely love reading your blog and check for a new post every single day.
    I think you're really brave for divulging some of the stuff but gotta say that the world is a little meaner than we'd like to think.
    Then again, I think thats what makes your blog special. We get so much from it, that it takes a lot of self control not to come back for more especially when we're giving nothing in return.

  24. I'm not surprised. I *heart* your blog, having found it through Rhapsodic. You know how when you find a blog you like, you keep reading and reading and reading? Clearly I'm not the only one who did that when they found this blog, so congrats!

    Also, sharing angst is fine. It's when people start sharing *all* the mundane details of your routine - "went to grocery store. bought cabbage. wasn't sure *which* cabbage to buy. " - that it becomes oversharing.

  25. You can delete all you want eM.... everyone here knows the truth: Shallow and Superficial - you and the people around you. Go on then, show us those boobies! In case you haven't realised thats what all your pussy-boy readers really want.

  26. And though they will all come out in support of you, fact is your so-called readers are thoroughly enjoying these comments.... more than your what i drank/where i drank/with whom i drank posts. So find yourself a good man (very hard now that everyone knows about your loose lifestyle) and stop exposing yourself to people for whom you are nothing more than free entertainment.

  27. Loose lifestyle!?!!?? sheesh!!!! who is this dadima????

  28. I hate to say this, but Anonymous is being unfaithful to you. Because he just paid my blog a visit.

    Anonymous said...
    This has got to be the stupidest fucking crap I hace ever read. No wonder youre a lesbian.... if you keep this up, youre going to drive the men miles. Take a cue from your friend eM and write about how badly you need to get laid.

    I'm thoroughly amused.


    This link isn't actually in response to your blog. I just thought of sharing it with you. Please log in and report it as bogus.

    Spread the word if you may.

  30. I think you need a flyswatter to chase away these pesky anonymous pests. Oh wait it's called comment moderation. :)

  31. the part abt too much honesty on ur blog is bullcrap(if thats a word)...u keep writing and kick the stuck up asses!i get that a lot too!

  32. I think it really doesn't matter. You just need to be brave enough to do that, others who can't, just...blabber... ;-)

    Other day I saw you on NDTV "We The People" and yes you don't look that bad ;-) ... will you come for a date with me.

    and can't hardly wait to buy the book...


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