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2 September 2006

Ladies and gentlemen...

... Romance has left the building.


I knew I was having too much fun.

The question is NOW what do I do with my time?


  1. Welcome to singledom. It's not bad, at least you know your judgement isn't clouded by a bunch of random brain chemicals. It's uh, nice. At least we get to make fun of all the soddin happy couples.

  2. that's too too sexist. I feel like kicking them

  3. Listen to Modest Mouse, they're a very decent band and yeah make sure all your MP3 bit rates are at least 192kbps

  4. wot the heck is wrong with mr ex?! as far i as know, guys in delhi would kill to date you... are you upset? take care...

    p.s. am i being too soppy about nothing?

  5. spending time , nw how would u do that..hmm lets see..

    getting busy with yourself perhaps in inovative ways ;-)

  6. look u'll have more fun being single and promiscous anyway!
    i know romance is sweet when it hapens.. but its nice coz it hapens once in a while. u of all people aren't made to be ickly-sickly chweet and lovey dovey...
    just put on ur heels and head right back on to the dance floor!

  7. raindrop: welcome BACK to singledom, you mean. You can check out any time you like, but you can never le-hee-ve.

    anon: I assume you're talking about the picture? It's actually a vintage ad, which would explain--but not excuse--the sexism.

    imhunt: thanks.. there's Constructive Suggestion # 1. :)

    distrakshun: Nooooo, not too soppy. Thank you, btw, for saying that, but I wish I could meet these men in Delhi, or maybe they're just all in hiding, when I need them. :(

    jhantu: Constructive Suggestion # 2! You guys are on a roll!

    hyde: search me :)

    cale: Okay, noooooo. Why would I switch over to the enemy? Boys lie, says Happy Bunny, and sometimes stink. Maybe I should explore the possibility of being with my own, FAR more reasonable, sex.

    jim: Constructive Suggestion # 3! This rocks! :)

  8. Search you??

    Ahem, booth no. 3 madam? ;-)

  9. Ouch. If it helps, I know what you're feeling. The thing with time and all that. Grah! (Just to make you feel happy, I might not comment here all that often, but I read ALL your posts. :D)

  10. awwww... um... *shuts herself up before she says something entirely depressive*

    nahh. it never helps.


  11. Was it ever there in the 'building'? Hope you are not confusing romance with someone who just came to check how the balcony and stall were in the building.

  12. aww eM...cheer up!!!!!!
    the poster is unforgivably sexist though

  13. Imhunt- Modest Mouse is great. Listen to Wolf Parade too. Their producer is Issac Brock, MM's frontman.

  14. Isn't that Amelia Earhart? Now that would be ironic ;)


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