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26 December 2006

The Girl Who Snubbed Christmas

'Twas two nights before Christmas,
And out on the town,
Young eM took her friends out,
To let joyness abound.

Two friends she had known,
For six years or more,
One friend from a year back,
Another for about four.

Most of them single,
Some newly so,
eM single for ages,
Just going with the flow.

Who needs holiday season,
she asked with a cry,
It just makes you melancholy,
And miss some stupid guy.

I'm too old for Christmas,
Was what she thought next,
Santa? Christmas stockings?
They leave me quite vexed!

But first, I should think,
A back story you need,
An insight into eM's mind
For this story to proceed.

Every year in December,
Tis as if it was a plague,
Depression comes upon her,
She becomes appallingly vague.

It's too much to handle,
Birthday, Christmas cheer,
Normally she'd like to stay in bed,
Until the New Year.

But, two nights before Christmas,
A miracle was born,
Inner Zen was developed,
And she was no longer forlorn.

Christmas? I can deal,
She said with a smile,
New Year's Eve is a piece of cake,
I haven't felt this way in a while.

Perhaps it was the change of scene,
The dreaded upcoming move,
But come sunny Christmas morn,
eM had regained her groove.

It is a Christmas miracle!
She exclaimed with a grin,
Doldrums have gone away from me,
Now pass the tonic and gin.

(Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!)


  1. Lovely! made me laugh, have lost my inner zen and Christmas always finds me depressed now:D

  2. Amen to that! :o)

    Have a shot of sambuca on me! :o)

  3. Lovely one !!!

    All you need after the gin and tonic is some mistletoe to stand under !!! :)

  4. hey. you're a poet. And i didn't know it.

    Good to be happy this time o'year. Ho ho ho. May the force be with you.

  5. Haha pretty funny hey.

    Wild-haired poet.

  6. delightful post my dear desi dr. suess. keep writing like that and the men shall line up. (i hear some mumbai boys can read but don't be too hopeful. they just don't walk on their knuckles like the ones from delhi.) then you shan't be single anymore, rejoice! single is fun though i dunno why you crib about it. in fact you might as well move to mumbai single then be lugging around excess baggage. ;)

  7. than be luugging around excess baggage i meant. oh wordstapo how you fill my heart with terror everytime i let a typo slip past!

  8. wonderful! smile through this season :))

  9. And now you're the girl who discovered Zen and the art of Christmas Cheer. Have a good one.

  10. "Poetry In Motion".

    Johnny Tillotson. Awesome piece of music, isn't it?



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