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28 December 2006

Slightly premature, but still, the year end post

(Yellow post-it: I don't know when next I'll have the internet, because the one at home isn't working, and end of the year parties call frantically, and when one is due to leave the city on Tuesday, one doesn't want to spend one's time entirely on the internet. And it'll take some time to get a cable set up in Mumbai, unless I find a friendly neighbourhood cyber cafe, soooooo, basically this is ta-ta for this year, and this city. Join me again in 2007!)

Anyway, every year, around this time, I do a little friendly round up of what I've been up to in the past year. If you've been a reader through 2006, then some of this stuff will be old. But, if you've just joined me, like recently, then whee! Here we go!

2006 was an odd sort of year. Everything changed, drastically, and with this frantic pace, and I felt mostly like I was standing still and stuff was going on at supersonic speed around me. I know I say this every year, but this year, wow, I can't believe it went so fast. Is it always going to be this speedy?

In January, Small and I were left flatmateless, after only three months of living alone, so we had to start looking for someone, and fast. We met some people, but no one really seemed to either a) want to live with us (Not because of us, of course, we're fantastic) or b) fit our long list of requirements to be our flatmate (ie: not be psycho).

In February, I learnt a valuable lesson about men, and how to be careful, even when you're taking all the right precautions. (Ick, that was a horrible time) and on a happier note, I got my tattoo, which I'm still very much in love with.

In March, not much of significance happened. I wondered why guys hate labels so much (and that question? Still open to anyone who feels like answering). Ooh, and we got a new fridge!

In April, my dog Cookie had puppies--three of them, and Small and I, with our respective parents, decided to take a trip to Egypt. Oh, and I went on about how cool my job is. :)

In May, tra-la-la, we went to Egypt! And, oh, it was excellent. Everyone should go.Oh and we finally got a new flatmate.

In June, beloved friend Urvashi left for the States, and that was a very sad, sad time. (Of course, I also swore I'd never leave the city. Ahem.) Oh and I bought a MotoRazr, which I fell vastly and thoroughly in love with. Sigh.

In July, was the Unvirginity Anniversary and the entry of the rat in our kitchen. Good ol' Mortimer. We killed him, you know. Also, I debated the merits of dating more than one guy at the same time. (Which I tried recently and it was good fun.)

In August, there was (re-sigh. I seem to be doing a lot of sighing in this post) the Romance. Which was good fun, and made for a nice August. I decided to no longer be a journalist. (Hah! See how long that lasted). And I covered Fashion Week.

In September, Lily left and Tall came into our lives. I disgraced myself forever by weeping in a nightclub. Oh, and Romance ended. I started working here, as well.

In October, there was the Halloween party that will go down in history. (WHO will come to my Halloween party in Bombay? I have noooooooooooo one. Well, two friends, but still, two people do not a Halloween party make) And my vibrator addiction started around then. Ahhh.. good October.

In November, I decided to move to Bombay. Oh, and I made a trip there too, just for fun.

And finally, here we are. December. Of the twenty fifth birthday, and moving, which I do apologise for being obsessed with. I've become quite boring about the whole thing, I know, but it's like I can't wrap my head around it. Wow. Four days to go, before what will be the most challenging year in my life. This New Year's Eve, the party is at a friend's farm in Faridabad, around a bonfire, with lots of alcohol and the people I love.

I do hope 2007 will be as exciting as this one.

Happy New Year.


  1. Another end of the year post... this was one helluva year, i agree. Welcome to being 25, I started the journey just a couple of weeks back

    Have a great New Year!!

  2. Nice end of the year post...

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year and lots and lots of joy !!!

  3. your writing style is very witty ,reading your blog is an effective de-stresser

    happy 2007!

  4. Oh! I could drop in for your house parties. I live just a few blocks away from your place in Versova.

  5. Or I should say your would be place.

    And just to brag a bit- you will never run out of great music.

  6. Sounds like a pretty good year to me. Enjoy Bombay! And I will be stalking your page next year too.

  7. sigh! some of us have lives more ordinary!
    Happy New Year to you! It should be fun reading your accounts of Bombay :)

  8. happy new year. may your next year be even better. a new start in mumbai cannot be bad. all the best.

  9. haooy new year bebe. happy shifting. happy settling in. happy new job. hope much happiness abounds in thine life in 2007. and look westward across the seas, where else would i come from? :D


  10. Not premature at all, I did my end-of-the-year post in the end of November. :P

    But it seems like you had an eventful year.

    Hope the coming years are healthy and safe :]

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