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17 December 2006

Things I Have Learned Since I Officially Became Legal*

* To drink, ie, other stuff I've been legal for for a WHILE now.

That tequila will always get you drunk.

That tequila mixed with Old Monk will effectively make you forget an entire evening.

That you drink entirely too much.

That perhaps you're becoming an alcoholic and should go for AA meetings.

That your friends rule judging by the presents you got this year. (From Small and Tall, two of the sexiest tops you have seen, one blue with beads, cut away in the middle to reveal navel piercing, one orange-y corset type thing, from Small and another friend, a soft dhurrie for eventual all-white Bombay room, in pink and yellow and blue and green. From Pirate, who is also fellow December-born, an oval hipflask, which is BEAUTIFUL and totally takes away resolve to stop drinking, from Jerry and another friend proof that men can indeed buy clothes for women without misjudging size/fit etc completely, from Chitgo, Maximum City, which totally made you all awwwww, from Fariha lingerie so sexy it could probably do its own thing and no one would even notice you. Not to mention assorted flowers and a Jimmy Hendrix keychain. You love your friends for making you all misty eyed in the last two weeks in your hometown.)

That after one birthday party, another one the next day is always a good plan.

That at this second birthday party, staying sober thanks to raging hangover means you recall a lot more of the conversations you had.

That perhaps going braless in December is not a good idea.

That Friday nights spent with another old friend around fireplace with friendly Irish setter to pat is proof that you're getting mellow with age.

That weekends never used to be this busy.

That you're really leaving.

That little things like the electricity coming back makes you happy because now you can turn on the geyser to have a bath.

That despite hectic partying, it's been an uneventful week.

That you have so many people to say goodbye to.

That now you have to start obsessing about your New Year's Eve plans and you would just much rather watch a countdown show on TV and go to bed.

That that option is closed to you.


  1. well ill be damned! you ARE growing up!
    not necessarily a bad thing, just dont become too 'establishment' (though i dont see given the friends you have) :D


  2. aww i almost had a the by ...eMpahsis on the eMpowered?!?!?! What happeMed to reMaking history... eMmaturity thrown by the wayside...get her to that damned watering hole yo people!!!

  3. Bra-less in December. But with that outfit you wouldn't stand out in the muggy Mumbai weather...

  4. how bad can it be when the option of going to bed after a tiring night of watching TV on New Year's night is not open to you. Enjoy your one year older.

  5. Belated birthday wishes!!
    Me is a Saggi too (Ok, now I'm wondering if I got the sunsigns right) - you have a lot of friends to keep you happy all the time, don't worry about growing older :)

  6. I haven't got any fucking birthday presents this year. My ex gave me a plant.
    On a point of principle I killed it within a month.

  7. jimi. not jimmy.

    these things are important

  8. will you please stop whining about You Leaving now? if you have to leave, leave. don't whine.

  9. Awwww....
    @Anonymous: Will you please stop whining about someone else's blog? If you're going to whine, don't read it.

  10. aaawww hey...growing up is fun at times....don't you worry, had such a blast! missing you already...take care...(sniff, sniff)

  11. just irritated that you had already read it! anyway, i better see it on your beatiful bookshelf when i come a-visiting early next year...
    cheers babe!`

  12. who the heck is silversurfer??

  13. was that the last dying kick from your hangover? belated wishes. may u have a good new year's party.


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