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15 January 2007

Reasons I have been AWOL

1) And the most important. I don't have internet access at home, and dude, really, the cybercafe is just not the same thing. And since I now work in a bureau office, which rocks by the way, when I'm working on a story, as I'm doing at present, I only file it once the background stuff is done, and since I now live in a city that isn't very convenient to get around, if I'm meeting people around where I live, I don't go into the office if I don't have work there.

2) We had a housewarming party and the house was most admired, and it took some hard work to get it thus admired, especially my new hot pink, raw silk curtains, which are so, so lovely and make me feel happy every time I wake up and look at them. (This morning, I was having a dream about Leela's upcoming nuptials and my maid came in, and she's REALLY noisy and I woke up and for like a second I thought I was back in my room at my mum's house and I sat up in bed and then I said, "Ohhhhhh, I'm still here.") Anyway, the housewarming was a great success, and I did not realise that we knew so many people--either that, or our house is really small--because the place was fairly packed. We're so popular.

3) I've been homesick. Especially on Wednesday nights, when everyone back home is getting ready to go to TC, and even though there's the sea and shiny, happy people laughing, and new things everywhere, and getting myself a road map and HOME FUCKING DELIVERY which is such a blessing, I don't know how I did without it for 25 years, but still, I've been homesick for things I know, and familiar faces and options of people to hang out with and knowing what to do and not having a house I have to set up from scratch. (I've been too lazy to do much, which I attribute to the sea air, which, by the way, has also done wonders for my complexion, despite, or perhaps because of my dissipated lifestyle)

4) I really don't have much to say that doesn't make me sound like a tourist. Like for instance, today? I went to the Gateway of India, well, around it at any rate, because of the crowd. And we took a picture where we all grinned at the camera, and really, very touristy. And I've basically been doing stuff like that (my two main goals whilst I'm in this city are: a) to ride on a double decker bus and b) to do Rahul Bose. The first one is more achievable I realise, but oh, that bottom.) And the other day for a story, I was at a film shooting, and no one gets my enthused exclaimations, so I'm keeping them all as little gleeful shouts in my head.

5) I've been busy figuring out the local trains, which have been my crowning achievement for this week, because I so rock at them. Except disembarking, which for some reason is always my downfall, because with the tidal wave of women entering and clamouring, I have a really hard time getting out. The number of times I have been elbowed, right in the boobs is much too painful to even mention, but the thrill of actually being One With The Masses is pretty awesome. (See, I still sound like a tourist. I'm trying to imagine what my reaction would be if someone was raving about the DTC buses this much, I'd probably pat them on the back and be all poor-deluded-child, but the trains aren't much like the DTC buses, so it's not a very accurate comparision.)

Five reasons is good enough, no? But no, I promise more regular updates from next week, when I will be a two week old immigrant and no longer all brand shiny and new.


  1. Hot pink raw silk curtains sound like such a good idea. Especially since it's winter and all I see through my window are dead trees.

  2. I understand that you are settling in and all... but you definitely gotta pull out more time for this. Its my staple diet!! Can't leave me and a million others starving for it.

    So you enjoying the trains... well I lived and battled through the first class compartment for close to 2 years (22 months to be precise!) but then I gave up considering its not worth it! Enjoy the rides while you still can...

    Rains are still far away :))

  3. Hahahahahahah wait till i show Rahul this blog!!!

  4. Am really waiting for you to get into full swing, so I can live in Bombay vicariously.

  5. //which I attribute to the sea air, which, by the way, has also done wonders for my complexion//

    i swear!!! bombay air (and the water.. which used to do wonders for my hair) is the best. aah. i am so loving all this bombay talk. sigh.

  6. Looking forward to your regular updates... :)

  7. So you have been using the trains. First class ladies compartment is not bad. Not bad at all.

    Ah! Rahul Bose. He is (or was) a regular at Mayo v Doon old students football match at Bombay Gym. Guess he knows some of my seniors from school.

  8. Missing the free massages in the packed churchgate fast. Missing eating the wada paav and kanda bhaji paav with lasun ka chutney at the naaka at 11 PM in the night. Missing the booze by the rock beach. Missing the sun in Mumbai. Missing asking a passer-by 'score kya hua?'. Missing riding in the BEST bus, whose driver was nicknamed Pilot. Missing stepping in the warm sands at the beach. Missing the sound of the bells from the local Ganpati mandir during the morning pujas. Missing the jhankar beat songs in the rickshaws.
    Missed flying kites yesterday.
    *Double sigh*

  9. Rahul Bose is TINY. And SO stuck up - my friend knows him, and he's so not worth obsessing over.

  10. awwwwwwwww we miss ur regular posts!

  11. more than a tourist or anything you sound like a delhite in bombay ! which is funny in a 'borat' way !

  12. excuses excuses
    how the hell have you met so many people already?

  13. oh please eyeball these - so suitable for you:

  14. dude you're the first person in the world to say bombay is not an easy city to get around.
    it is by far the most convenient and well connected city to get from one point to another if you don't have a car....the metros, cabbies, autos and tidal waves taking you to destinations at will :)

    anyway...stick with it dude...i cant believe you're still missing frickin TCs. who have you been hanging out ? i think its time i introduced you to some real bombay people that will ensure a rocking good time, any day of the week, any time of the night..

    breathe dhruv breathe..some conversions take time...

  15. tra la la, tuesday. (i have some excellent post thoughts though, including celebrity hobnobbing and me developing a *gasp* social conscience) i've been here for TWO WHOLE WEEKS now. cool, no?

    raindrop: oh they are. i got the material as a present, intended to go towards an outfit, but while they make very pretty curtains, they would look terrible on me. therefore, voila, my windows wear them.

    mayank: apologies, really. :) but i think i'm pretty much settled now, so worry not. ahh, yes, the dreaded rains. i'm looking forward to those with fear and anticipation.

    anon1: :) you think it would work? (tell him i'm hot!)

    beks: full swing about starting, i think i'm beginning my ascent! oh and thanks for the link.

    sneha: the water too? no wonder! i can't stop feeling up my hair now, it feels so nice and soft and manageable!

    jay sun: soon, i promise.

    rohini: i'm telling you. it gives me so much fodder for my writing, just chilling and watching people.

    whitelight: i went to mondy's finally, and i thought of you, truly i did. :)

    bricks: aren't you not allowed to drink on the beaches?

    nandita: but but but, he hasn't met ME, she said optimistically. :) (besides, he can't be tinier than i am)

    zee: okay, okay, tomorrow, i promise. (phew! you lot feel like my editors!)

    inexile: i just saw borat yesterday, so i totally get the reference, only delhi is still vhere my hurt is.

    scritch: what can i say? i'm eminently likable :) actually, no, it's not thaaaaat many people. just enough of a number to make me feel not all alone and abandoned.

    chitgo: we will NOT have any delhi abuse on this blog, you hear me? that's a house rule. and i never said it wasn't easy to get around, i just said since it took me a WHILE to get from one end to another (which even you have to admit is true) it just made more sense when i work near home, to stay in the burbs. :)

  16. Of course, it is NOT allowed to drink on the beaches. Of course, peeing like smoking in public places is not allowed, too. So??

  17. hmmm.... well sounds like youre really settlin into the mumbai landscape and yes the home delivery at all retarded hours is a blessing we could do with in dilli o dilli, but such is not our luck...

    still tryin to get the picture of the pink silk curtains... think ill need shades if i come visit!

    sorry you get boob pounded on the trains, wish i could say i feel your pain, but cant in all honesty :P

    and now my fav part: i told you so! i told ya not to get psyched and that youd be fine with the partyin and friends and all, so ha!

    happy new year kiddo,
    cheers till next time...

  18. Oh but you didn't talk about how when you're on the platform, breathless and panting, about to miss your train, a million hands fold out like the petals of a blossoming flower, trying to help you on to the train [Leo hates Maximum City]. You are disgustingly popular and dignified. I can barely summon 3 people to drink with me on a Tuesday night in Sydney. [I did meet a bee-yoo-ti-full black-Swedish man today though].

  19. Tip from an ex-bombayite: When the train stops at Churchgate, flatten yourself agianst the wall. Culr your toes in and dont breathe. Once the women have flown into the compartment, then disembark. You will be non boobjabbed.

  20. why pick on suketu mehta leo?

    eM what did you do to develop a social conscience aside from actually seeing instead of just baldly looking? not insist that a person name their first born after you for giving them a 4 minute car ride? haha iggy, bouncy and pieces know what i'm talking about!
    as for rahul bose. just smear yourself with cocaine and that should do the trick. but it's bombay so you might be stuck fighting off every 'entertainment industry' type as well. how is my pieces by the way?

  21. Hey I could maybe get yu midway to your secind cause - coz I know Rahul !!!

    - A fellow Mallu :)

  22. hi,
    attended Sarnath's book launch. It was a delight to listen to him.
    thanks for the info.
    p.s. wine was not great though....they also served Momos(Delhi's to be State dish). Momos with wine. May be it has to do with the Novel's theme.


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